Hero Spotlight: Commando

Lol gw tokens has nothing to do with a new hero.

I just wanted to clarify some things:

  • Gorgon Wakes gives Gorgon Tokens, which are used for the Gorgon Chest. They don’t expire.
  • The Gilded Crate Tokens are for the Gilded Crate, which is where Commando will eventually be available. They don’t expire. They’re from special Gold Drop offers and will be indicated in the offer schedule.
  • Carabina’s skin will be available through a special event that provides special tokens for a special crate, which you can use to win her new skin. These will expire, to my knowledge, once the event is over. This is separate from all other tokens in the game.

good to hear. :blush:. I want to get this 4-star badass

Will commando eventually be in stores to grind out fragments like how borgon, artarmis and prophit are in alliance and heroism store? Even if its not for a while? Seems unlikely players who do spend cash this month to get gilded tokens will unlock commando, and some who do wont unlock him still? Having heros locked for ever due to not buying them without a chance to grind then out seems unfair to the community.

For the time being, best to wait and see! We’re not ready to talk about that yet. I wouldn’t get worked up now, though, before he’s even released.

I was just disappointed with carbine box in the first bought up to 10 ° box and none came it while others in the first box already took that second box bought only 2 and again nothing gave up to buy since I’m almost taking the coops

I hope the command does not have the same disappointment because it was strange spent more and did not come while the first one already took …

English bro…
It’s not you guys NEED commando for bounty or anything. Hes just a bonus hero for the month. Dont get your panties in a wad. You want him? Buy him. Dont want to spend the money? Dont. Easy peasy


I’ll be polite not to answer you this the way you deserve ok look at my account and will see if money is a problem for me …

So, essentially another new hero you can only get by spending money! This game is becoming more and more pay to win.

but I’m frustrated to buy it was with 11k of gold I spent and did not take the carbine for the second time I don’t know I think they are slutty with me

And yet another one… Spend $50 and u might get him or you might get crank. Are you guys really getting that hard up for cash that you have to keep putting out these BS crates?

There will be a chance to get Gilded Crate Tokens as event rewards, as mentioned here:

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yes one more chip and just reaching the maximum points I think would give more return if I had packages with them more expensive as it came to me and only one in the package still for R$189.90 in my local currency … which gives about $ 47, 67 at the current conversion today I find it expensive for a single currency package

One of the reasons I play this game is knowing that in a year or so of grinding I can get the hard to get characters but like any collection we need to know we can actually get them all so if you make a character impossible to get your gonna lose lots of customers. Just Saying

Not impossible! We’re giving you ways to get this Hero without spending money. But like everything else, it may take awhile. Don’t give up!

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good to hear. I dont care how hard, if we can win him or his frags in an event, bring it on!


Seems like your just telling us what we want to hear…so in a few years when only a handful of players have 8 or 10 gilded characters that are impossible for me or anyone to get that don’t spend the gold, what are u gonna tell us then that they will be in events and get them someday, figure it out it’s better I know now not later, not cool that you guys are putting a character in a gilded crate, it would have been better if commando was 585 frags I would be very happy knowing I can grind him out

585 frags or the gilded crate to get commando would have been a better deal

The new Gilded Crate has a higher chance of awarding Year 2 Heroes and 7* Heroes. Also, starting today, August 12th , you can earn Commando , our first 4* Hero, exclusively from the Gilded Crate.

Your primary method of earning Gilded Crate Tokens is through the Ultra Gold Drop, which will be available from time to time. Events may also feature Gilded Crate Tokens as a potential reward. Keep an eye on your Events tab for upcoming opportunities to earn Gilded Crate Tokens, including the upcoming Solo PvP Blitz starting August 13th ! Yeah just read this exclusively and potential are the key words here neither say that only the people who pay big bucks are going to get this character…man i loved this game too but if the devs mess up my collection I’m out