Hero Spotlight: Ursus

Icon_ElementMech URSUS

Faction_UAF UAF

Ursus, the “Unstoppable Force,” joins the Hunt! This tanky Frontline fighter leverages his super heavyweight armor to great effect, taking damage for his teammates, delivering it back to his enemies, and ignoring any attempts to stop his charge.

Primary Weapon - Ursan LMG

Skills Header

Bring It On

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Ursus increases his Armor while Taunting the enemy team for 8 seconds. This Skill will not gain charge while it is active.

Concussive Blast

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Ursus shoots a rocket at the target enemy dealing Damage to anyone in the blast radius and Stunning them for 4 seconds.


Gold Skill - Passive Ability


The weakest enemy on the opposing team receives a percentage of the Damage Ursus receives while Bring it On is active.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Determined to advance, Ursus gains Health. While Bring it On is active, this Hero will be immune to most Crowd Control effects.

Tanked Up

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


Ursus gains Elemental Armor and deals additional Damage to Cover.

How can I get Ursus?!

crate raid

Ursus will be available through Feature Crates and Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Ursus? Let us know in the comments!


Hmmm, UAF is recruiting heavy troops


Juggernaut looking unit!

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Looks like juggernaut meets fortress meets bioshock. Dude has hops that might be Vince Carter in there.

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Fortress wears Praetorian armor, so that part was intentional!


Cool looking hero for sure.

His gold is interesting (admittingly a little unclear, though). Do we have an actual definition of weakest enemy? Lowest starting HP? Lowest remaining HP? Lowest power? Seemingly random like Kurtz’s execute?

Is there an answer to that? :slight_smile: Thanks

my impression or him and the dread has almost the same abilities ?

They don’t. They are fairly different

I welcome our new hero urSUS. :eyes:

Reminds me of the Maliwan Heavy fighters. Saw that we shared the same rank in the military, so it’s gonna be a must get for me.

:bear: Rawr, he’s a bear


This is Jaggernaut, no brainer

I really wanna see his skins. I hope this is will be something serious, like Dreadnought rare skin (Warhammer 40000 style).

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Gold skiil must be super effective. Plus stun immune on plath. But for PVP this may be trap if someone will use Kurtz + low level green/bronze/silver hero.

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wow… otro cabeza de cazuela

It says “weakest enemy” what does that mean? Because it says weakest ally in kurtz his silver and mostly it just randomly kills someone :eye::lips::eye:

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i think its refer to the lowest in health at the moment

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He looks like Hulk Buster too…
I hope he can get an alternate red-gold color skin…

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Maybe UAF X Shoremen?

[quote=“Skathi, post:1, topic:22436”]

Faction_UAF UAF

So even Butter was unable to handle this Fortress-based tech armor properly? Nice lore.

Alas, time to count…if no Teraventa hero is launched together, the roster will have 112 heroes:
039 mechanical
038 energy
035 biochemical