UAF - who's party is it anyway?

So we are on UAF month - the calendar shows all 8 heros, but the sneaky little me has noticed that some of these guys (Hivemind, Panzer, Halloway) are UAF Airborne and 5 are just plain old UAF (Oracle, Ryker, Nightingale, Butter, Baron) - i.e. two different factions.

Does this mean that the featured solo raids like Keepers of the Dream will only let us use 5 or 3 heros, or is it a combined effort given they are basically the same faction?

I currently only have Ryker, Nightingale, Butter, Baron and am planning to get Panzer in the tiered crate so will be a bit annoying if I end up with 4x UAF and 1x UAF Airborne, that I cannot combine in the faction missions.

Just coming out of the Patriots month where I never got hold of Phalanx - not bitter lol !

PS - I have been away on holiday @Howitzer - heard you were missing me!

I’m only assuming we can combine Airborne and regular AUF heroes and I think this in game mail proves I’m assuming it right:


Cheers bud! …

You seem to know random stuff like this - do you know what the random upside down orange lollipop is in the top right of some of the stuff you can purchase in the various stores?

I am not sure but I have a theory. It’s a pin / needle indicating that this particular item will stay in the store after it is refreshed.
In the PVP store everything is pinned - and nothing’s gets replaced when it’s refresh time. I’m gonna observe this in the other stores. :slight_smile: Like, in my Alliance store Callidus and Galante are “pinned” now but not Chesterfield and Operator - so let’s see if my theory holds in 13 minutes when it’s restocking.


Thats exactly what it is :slight_smile:

This is correct! The UAF Airborne Faction is still pretty small at just 3 heroes, so we combined it with the main UAF Faction for the month.

In the future we may break larger factions out into sub-factions like the UAF Airborne to try to maintain a healthy number of 5-8 Heroes per faction.