Galante legendary skin

His legendary skin reworks Galante’ s bronze skill and appearance. He has tread crawlers (like a tank) instead of legs, his shape is more blocky, and has brown stripes instead of blue and orange (I would do a drawing but never found any time to do so). He has a large coffee machine instead of a gun that shoots coffee beans, his gold makes him shoot explosive coffee beans. His boom lance is replaced with a large steaming coffee jug that he bashes into opponents, his gold skill makes him shatter it on impact making an explosion.
Bronze skill: Order up!
Galantr launches 10 coffee pots at enemies, similar to Cinder’ s acid rain. Each pot deals x damage on impact and leaves a steaming coffee area that is slightly smaller than Ghouls Molotov which deals mech damage per second to enemies in the area. Area of effect lasts 8 seconds. When all coffee stains have gone Galante receives a shield equal to 80- 100% of the damage dealt.


Such a bad idea, you do not change the Godlante.He is perfect in every way. All hail Godlante