Hero Spotlight: Gunsmoke

Icon_ElementMech GUNSMOKE

Faction_ColorIcon TERAVENTA

Gunsmoke, the “Weapon Tinkerer,” joins the Hunt, straight out of Teraventa! What he lacks in feet, he makes up for in firepower, with a modular gun he can tinker with during battle to deliver powerful hits!

Weapon - Blunderbuss

Skills Header

Torchstone Gunpowder

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Until next reload, Gunsmoke’s weapon has increased Elemental Damage, and shots can penetrate cover.

Risky Mag

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Gunsmoke feeds a new magazine into his gun, gaining extra Damage, improving clip size by 14, and improving fire rate by 34%. Lasts until the next reload.

Volatile Ammunition

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Every time Gunsmoke attacks, he has a 15% chance to boost his next 5 shots.

Gunsmoke gains Critical Bonus and a 20% Critical Hit Chance.

Target Technique

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


All allied Heroes gain Armor Penetration.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero gains an Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to dodge.

Where Can I Get Gunsmoke?!


Gunsmoke will be initially available through a Feature Crate and a Guaranteed Blitz Event, as well as a very special Forged Fantasy Crate! In a future update, he will be added to the Gilded Crate.

What do you think of Gunsmoke? Let us know in the comments!


Gunsmoke!!! Yeah!!! :grin:

The Invasion has already begun… you just don’t know it.

R.I.P. all melee users

I’m curious what’s the special about that special FF crate.

Brogan’s long lost father, haha.

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it was taking me until I gave up the other game I’m going to get them all here again kkkkk

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Figured he was next. Now people can have two of dogface. :expressionless: it’s getting less and less fun to use tanks.

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really? two mechs in a row? i just wanna cry

the dog face has arrived :man_shrugging:t3:

I am not enthusiastic about the TeraHeroes. In my opinion the FF- copies do not fit in here. I would be happy if this game would stay HeroHunters and rather come back to creative 4* HH- designs every 3 months over the gilded box.


They should do something different. Like with them… I would prefer a brand new faction for hero hunters…

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But Obrez…:confused:

I get what you are saying, you would love to see a headless hero or even this evil mastermind with a cloak and spider legs for mobility.

Dogface vs Elite Riffleman : i think Dogface is a lot better than ER and Dog is more versatile for any aspect of the game…

Gunsmoke vs Jackal :??
Well imo… as for now after Ruby, Jackal already surpased Dogface…

Anyway, looking forwards to see Gunsmoke… :smiley:

A doppelganger of Dogface.

Obrez is cool and what I’ve said a HH baby!
Here the question was …“ What do you think of Gunsmoke?“
It’s just my opinion on the question :wink:

I approve of pirate dogface. He gonna be better than hobo dogface

let’s say welcome to dogface :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: for those who play FF ​​know it well! if it is an improved version of dogface it will be perfect

These heroes who migrated from Forget fantasy, have left the game so ugly, heroes, with the skills of HH heroes before the nerf.

Time to add a new one to my collection >:)