Hero Spotlight: Icebox

Icon_ElementEnergy ICEBOX

Faction_ColorIcon UAF AIRBORNE

Icebox, the “Loose Cannon,” flies into the Hunt! This grounded pilot specializes in risky maneuvers, taking advantage of fallen allies to deal increased damage.

Primary Weapon - Spektor Pistol

Skills Header

Buzz the Tower

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Call in a friendly strafing run, dealing Damage and Disorienting all enemies. Damage AND Duration increase with Skill level.

Danger Zone

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Enter the Danger Zone. This Hero’s weapon gains Elemental Damage and can pierce cover. This Hero also takes 20% more damage from enemy weapons. Both effects last 6 seconds.

Bought the Farm

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Whenever an allied Hero is killed, this Hero gains unlimited ammo and increased weapon Damage for 10 seconds.

Top Gunner

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero’s weapon gains Damage and a 10% faster fire rate.

Tanked Up

Ruby Skill - Passive Skill


Icebox gains Elemental Armor and deals additional Damage to Cover.

How can I get Icebox?!

crate raid

Icebox will be available through Feature Crates and Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Icebox? Let us know in the comments!


Finally… the UAF airborne have someone who flew at some point :rofl:


Looks good. Like the gold skill.

How much weapon damage does he increase with the platinum skill. Is it a 10%

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Liking the airman slant to this one. Hope he finds a good fit within team comps.


Seems like a heavy dmg dealer.

Don’t know what his gold skill actually tells by saying unlimited ammo AND DAMAGE
But, intresting for pvps & campaigns.


The Damage is what scales based on Skill level. We never list those exact values in these spotlights, because there are 100 possible values.


Icebox probably has one of the coolest animation I ever seen recently.


He is handsome and he is looking like The Rock

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my predictions were true

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so it’s an energy serial

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This hero looks like a menace in dealing damge

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Does ice box play for the globe trotters?


Ooh… He looks interesting… Wonder how long his strafing runs can go for :smiling_imp:

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I can’t wait! For icebox

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Heck yes, halloway bonus again! My man’s gonna kill

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the average of the ruby ​​play PvP is 20 seconds so if it does damage ok it will be perfect in hunting if it has an average of 25M on a bio bounty

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Hero distribution by element

Total of 104 heros:
Energy: 37
Mechanical: 36
Biochemical: 31


:heart:I like it! Especially the ball he is playing with seems to be a decisive game

A match will take place in Hero Hunter!
Who will win the cup :trophy: this year?

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5* dropped as a 6*? Or is he a 7* the ultimate hero as the 4th year anniversary

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Sounds like this character will be a great damage dealer!

Cant wait to get him.

Great biography.

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