Hero Spotlight: Warden

Icon_ElementBio WARDEN

Faction_Teraventa TERAVENTA

Warden, the “Stalking Huntress,” joins the Hunt! Utilize her powerful charging capabilities and target marking to unleash devastating kill shots to the enemy!

Primary Weapon - Long Bow

Skills Header

Power Shot

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Warden fires a powerful arrow dealing Damage to the targeted enemy. If the target is killed, this Hero gains Armor for 10 seconds.

Magic String

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Imbuing magic into her bowstring, Warden gains a charge of Magic String. Each charge of Magic String improves Power Shot’s and basic attack Elemental Damage, to a maximum of 3 charges. Using Power Shot depletes all charges of Magic String.


*Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Designates a target, improving allied Heroes attacks against the targeted enemy with extra Damage. Whenever this Hero critically hits the target, she deals additional Damage.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Whenever this Hero kills an enemy, she gains Health per second for 8 seconds. If both Magic String and Survivor are active, killing an enemy provides and extra charge of Magic String.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


Warden gains bonus Armor and Dodge chance.

How can I get Warden?


Warden will be available through a Feature Crate!

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Can someone elaborate about Hassa Circle heroes?

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That’s Pariah Carey’s pose get your own. They not have frontline in FF? Seems like it’s only been mids and rears.


Right now, the only Hassa representative who has crossed over is Jackal.


If memory serves me correct she was a 7 star hero in Forged Fantasy. Is she going to be a 7 star hero or a 4 star like the other FF hero’s who joined Hero Hunters? Also glad she’s joining the hunt.

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Never saw her in FF, so idk how she plays.

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We shall wait on jado to tell us how her ff side is. An actually GOOD prophet could be awesome tho

Frontline in forged fantasy all use melee weapons, the maps we currently have would put them at too massive a disadvantage. Especially the sewers map in pvp, or the train.

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will mount a tribe??? bow arrow slingshot kkkkkk DOOM cover

Maps that need a makeover

She is a bio prophet . Interesting…

We need more energy heros from teraventa fraction.

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Never could get her in FF. She was 7* there

You kidding: the warden was released (npi) first over in FF. So that pose is hers

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Frontline FF are melee toons. They use fists, bladed weapons and staffs. A couple use fists of stone.

If she’s 7 stars hope she’s 6 stars or 7 at least here. Wouldn’t be right making her a 5 star…

Sorry thought I responded to someone else about her being a 7 star

Cool happy to have warden in hero hunters can’t wait to get her

Out of all the Terraventa heroes, I’d say I like Warden the most so far. Nice work on this one.

I think that there’s enough bio archers and we already have a mech archer…can we get an energy archer please…to the very least before a ff hero