Hero Suggestion: Glacier

Faction: Patriots

Name: Glacier (Cyborg Cryomancer)

Description: A rough attacker. Dismantling enemies, leaving them vulnerable to attacks while dealing mediocre damage.

Weapon: Cyborg Hands (Plx check Pixel Gun) that works like a shotgun

Ammo: Infinite (With a 3.7-second recoil)

Appearance: Similar to Triborg Sub Zero.

Skills (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Frost Cannon (Bronze): Shoots a freezing blast, dealing 10,000 Damage and [Freezing] the enemy for 10 seconds.
  • Freeze Ray (Silver): Shoots a freeze ray continuously, dealing 15,000 per second for 5 seconds and slowing movement speed by 20% per second. After the duration, deal 20,000 Damage and [Freezing] the enemy for 15 seconds.
  • Cyborg Initiative (Gold): This hero gains 100,000 health, [Frost Cannon] and [Freeze Ray] deals an extra 20,000 Damage and slows enemy movements by 20% when the enemy is shot by this hero’s basic attack.
  • Replacement (Platinum): If this hero’s health is reduced to 75%, gain 1,000 Armor. If health under 50%, gain a faster recoil speed by 50%. If health under 25%, gain an extra 30,000 Damage in [Frost Cannon]. If health is under 10%, this hero recovers 2% of max health per 3 seconds.

This is certainly an interesting idea! 14 seconds of freeze seems a little long though. Other than that I like it!