Hero Spotlight: Jackal....wait, what?

Faction_ColorIcon TERAVENTA

Jackal, the “Dog Soldier,” is the first Forged Fantasy Hero to make the jump to Hero Hunters! With a giant crank-operated gattling gun and a perma-grin, Jackal’s ready to lay down the hurt! He’s even got a new look to commemorate his crossover!

Weapon - Dragons Breath LMG

Skills Header


Bronze Skill


Reduces Fire Rate in exchange for increased Attack and unlimited clip size for 10 seconds. Anyone damaged by Rampage takes additional Elemental Damage for 3 seconds.

If an enemy is damaged by this Hero while Rampage is active, it deals additional Elemental Damage per second to the enemy for 3 seconds.


Silver Skill


Fires a stream of 16 projectiles at up to 3 enemy targets in front of the Hero, dealing high Damage per shot.

Battle Driven

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Whenever an enemy is killed, Jackal recovers Health.

Experienced Fighter

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero gains extra Critical Hit Chance and Health.

Doing Damage

Ruby Skill - Passive Skill


Jackal receives a bonus to his Elemental Attack Damage, as well as a 30% skill charge bonus to his Bronze Skill.

Special Crossover Event!

Min’s latest Danger Simulator asks the all-important question: what do you do when a walking hyena steps through an interdimensional portal and starts scrounging for tech to take back across the threshold? The fate of two worlds is at stake! Fight your way through never-ending waves of enemies to earn the exclusive Forged Rare Skin for Jackal, which gives him his classic Forged Fantasy appearance!

Min’s Danger Simulator: Jackal starts June 21st, 2020 at 5 PM PST and runs until July 8th, 2020 at 5 PM PST

Where Can I Get Jackal?!


Jackal will be initially available through a Feature Crate and a Guaranteed Blitz Event! At a later date, he will be added to the Gilded Crate.


What do you think of Jackal? Let us know in the comments!


wait, Jackal?



Looks very interesting


Guilded crate?! Seriously? Full clone of one if most useless characters in whole game? I hope he will have atleast high rating status…


Its literally ER…but still cool…and why…and… *sputter sputter ishna…ljaua…idek…WAAAIIIIT…NEW FACTION!!!


I like this crossover idea, can’t wait to obtain Jackal :rofl:


Pretty cool he got a new get-up for HH and a FF skin to change him back to his regular outfit

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If Forged Fantasy has a chat that actually works then bring him on over and tell him to bring it with him…

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I often play JACKAL on ff and each time it never disappointed me !!! pleasure to finally have it on HH


AWESOME! Finally showing Forged Fantasy some love! I guess. Kinda. :joy: This looks great and I’m super excited to get him.

Yes he’s not the greatest hero in Forged Fantasy, but I for one find him best used in Bounties. So that may be he’s best use in the game, but then again, this is a different dimension, so you never know who one will react to things.

So what does this mean for Forged Fantasy? Jackal is now in the Hero Hunters dimension, so does that mean Jackal won’t be a playable character in Forged Fantasy? :joy::man_shrugging:t2: I mean he can’t be in 2 places at once. Or can he… :wink:


Remember guys it says

The first…


Invasion of clones is coming…


I think the whole fraction will be full of FF characters


I’m gonna laugh my ass off if he’s a better version of ER in terms of numbers. If not, well… I’ll probably laugh harder

Still nice to see the crossover, though. Lot of the FF designs are a bit wackier than the HH designs, so they’ll be refreshing to see alongside their human counterparts.

He’s in a feature crate and a guaranteed blitz… Only in the Gilded crate for people who manage to miss him. I’m optimistic for it, doubt he’ll be hard to get

I love it, I hope they continue to bring more forget fantasy characters

Also @skathi yet again what stars will jakal be?..my guess sams as ff but idk


Most likely a 4* because he’s a Gilded Crate hero.


It says feature crate and guaranteed blitz…then later in gild

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It will be interesting to use him because his bronze skill and default fire rate is worse than er’s

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