Gilded crate not have jackal

There is 2 4 star gilded heros not included in gilded crate is that 2 heros jackal and venom not gilded heros or specifically they are not added in gilded crate. just open tons of gilded tokens i saved for new gilded heros but still not unloked jackal so i go to check % of jackal and then realised there is not jackal and venom so i asking this question


I got jackal out of the mech crate

I got frags of jackal from the mech crate too

The Hero Spotlight said he would be in the Gilded Crate, but he showed up in a different crate first. It was a nice surprise, but still.

I agree it sucks we have two cross over heros yet haven’t had a new guilded one since pariah smh

Got Venom & Jackal from Venom Crate. :sunglasses:

Would be nice to see it in the gilded crate already. But I’m sure there’s a reason not to put Jackal and Venom in there. Maybe they’ll make a crate specifically for Teraventa, just after they add a couple more heroes so u actually have a chance to get something different

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