Hero Spotlight: Keir, the First Void Hero

Icon_ElementVoid KEIR

Faction_Morlocks MORLOCKS

Keir, the “Unbending Conduit”, and our newest Void Hero, joins the Hunt! Keir is a near unstoppable force that strengthens himself by draining enemies and protecting others.

Weapon - Scattershot Shotgun

Skills Header

Ghastly Liberation

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Keir leaps at a target dealing Void Elemental Damage and healing himself for the same amount of damage caused. The Attack Speed and Damage from Abilities and Basic Attacks are reduced for the target enemy by 40% while increasing Keir’s by the same amount for an amount of time.

The duration of this skill increases by 0.5 of a second every 10 levels.

Maelstrom Guard

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Keir channels an unstable force to protect an allied Hero and redirect the Damage towards himself for 8 seconds. All damage Keir receives while channeling is reduced by 50% and can activate the following depending on damage received:

  1. Maelstrom Guard - Bulwark
    The first time Keir receives Damage, Keir gains a sheild. The shield blocks 30% of incoming damage and lasts for 8 seconds or until destroyed.
  2. Maelstrom Guard - Remedy
    If Keir received more than 20% damage of his total health, Keir receives Health and retriggers Bulwark’s shield.
  3. Maelstrom Guard - Fury
    If Keir receives more than 40% Damage of his total health, Keir’s Basic Attack Damage increases, alongside activating Bulwark’s shield and Remedy’s heal.


Gold Skill - Passive Ability


Basic attacks against a target that is affected by Ghastly Liberation reduces the enemy’s damage by 10% for an amount of time.

This effect stacks up to 5 times.

The Duration of this skill increases by 0.5 of a second every 10 levels.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Each time Ghastly Liberation is used, Keir gains Health.

Tanked Up

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


Keir gains Elemental Armor and deals additional Damage to Cover.

How can I get Keir?!


Keir will be available in his own Feature Crate, the Most Wanted crate and through Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Keir? Let us know down below!



idk why but i think of a mix between Black Panther and Dead Space guy


Dope af I want him, I’ll max him out ten star in two weeks lol


Looks like a good hero. I like his kit of abilities. But, something I noticed, this heroes animation is the same as Kaladin’s, a FF hero. His weapon is very similar to him too.


Keir’s skill set looks super interesting!!! And he reminds me of a certain Judge…



This man is definitely going to be on my top 5 in no time! Just give me a few hundred bucks and I’ll be set!

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I am excited for this character. Also means I need to level up my Morlocks. Except Maven.


This is the first thought I had when I looked at him

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Wtf are those skills
He’s below average in my books.


Unique skills!!!

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Kinda looks like episode 2 of “Marvel’s what if…?”

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T’ChaLord famous outlaw

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I’d say a mixed between Judge Dredd and Robocop lol

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Are we getting Void and Asteral solo Daily Raids in this update? We have them for the original elements.

For my pvp lineup I will put him as bronze, silver at best

We need at least three hero’s from each element for that. And that’s just for the wave bosses. Patience.


Quality. I like. Feeling liberated.


Oh my GOD. I LOVE THIS HERO. The complexity. The efficiency. And best above all. A BETTER VERSION OF PRIS. I’m so damn excited for this one. Finally a hero with complexity and the option to choose your own playstyle. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I kinda noticed that too. But i like it. It fits his style :slight_smile:

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