Hero Spotlight: Kobold

Icon_ElementBio Kobold

Patriots General

  • A "Corrosive Shielder" Kobold utilizes advanced biological hardening technology. Her suit floods her teammates with nano-tech that creates symbiotic relationships with their hosts. At a basic level, they provide extra protection, actively fight back against attackers and can sacrifice themselves to sustain their wielders if necessary.


Chem Shield :shield:

Bronze Ability

Kobold shields all allied Heroes, absorbing Damage for a short duration or until destroyed.

Collapse :heavy_plus_sign:

Silver Ability

Kobold Heals all allied Heroes, depleting any active Chem Shields. If a Chem Shield is depleted, all allied Heroes recover bonus Health equal to 20% of the Chem Shield.

Corrosive Shields:crossed_swords::left_right_arrow:

Gold Ability - Passive

Shields generated by Kobold reflect 15% Damage to its attacker. If any of Kobold’s shields are depleted before the full shield duration expires, a nearby enemy will receive Elemental Damage.

Resistant Materials :shield::heavy_plus_sign::arrow_up:

Platinum Ability - Passive

Whenever Kobold is buffed with a shield, all allied Heroes gain bonus Elemental Armor and recover Health over time.

Where can I get Kobold!?

  • Kobold_Crate Kobold_Raid Kobold will be available from the PvP Crate & Co-op Raid!

What do you think of Kobold?


Jason Voorhees, but he is a futuristic, shield woman.

I dont like that her bronze skill is ready before her silver, seems counterproductive to put up shields and take them away 2 or 3 seconds later. Would rather have the shields than the extra 20% healing. Also makes her gold & plat skills obsolete when she takes shields away.

Then… Use the abilities in the order that suits you.

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I play on auto, heroes should be suited to fit all player types correct?

There’s no way to fit all player types if doing the auto thing. Gotta take it for what it is.

If you auto all pvps cant be mad just control your good…I am glad it’s better to control

He does have a point.

If you manually play another hero(90% I want to pilot the dps not shielder) this isn’t really useful

I didn’t try kobold yet so I have no experience though

This new hero seems awesome , cant wait to get her

Yea thats where im having the issue, i dont pilot her. Also im now noticing when she depletes the shields the gold skill does active so its not as bad.

I kinda also noticed that but looking at the skill animation it certainly looks like the shields should deal damage when she depletes them.

I like the idea of this hero, but I tend to agree that the skill process is a little off. Kobold is much like butters, but splits between healing and shields and doesnt have taunt. This works since shes like a soft taunt as a shielder and healer people dont want to deal with.

The problem is how the skills interact. Unless you are controlling Kobold, her bronze and silver skill charge at the same rate so it negates pretty much all benefit when in the hands of the AI. This also makes her gold and platinum far less useful as the window of the shields being up to either be depleted or gain the HoT from her shield is minimal. I think there are 2 options here:

1 - Make the bronze skill charge faster. This seems the most effective to me. You want her shields up as fast as possible to survive early game dps spikes (aka panzer style stuff and first skill drops). You may need to back off the hp of the shields to do this, but this will at least give her reason to use the shields. Honestly I could even see a 50% boost in recover speed. Then you could quickly get up a shield, that would deplete on heroes and they would lose it and some health, then put up another and use the silver with it to get hp back on the second useage.

2 - Make the silver skill charge slower. This could work, but seems less ‘fun’ to me if you manually control her. Her skills already feel a little slow to charge so if you do this she will mostly just be a frontline meat shield. However, if you boost the shields from her bronze then lengthen the time the silver charges, you will see some use as some shields will stick around for this to work. Chances are the key heroes or squishy heroes will already lose the shield and possibly be dead at this point with a slow charge, but it ultimately depends on how effective her bronze is.

Overall Kobold has potential, but I just dont know if shes there yet. To be frank mine is only 3 stars gold 2 at the moment so if others have her upgraded further they may say otherwise or vary in their experience. I’ve just been waiting for the patriot frag event to really beef her up.

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