Kobold discussion

Due to the Kobold not gotten her Spotlight thread yet I am now creating a thread.
What do you think about Kobold so far? I have a 8* Platinum Kobold but I don’t think she’s very good, yet. Struggling to find her a proper team so please recommend me how to best use this new cool looking hero!

Also, fun fun fun fact:
A developer said yesterday on the VIP chat that Kobold will probably switch faction as soon as next month. I never really accepted her as a Patriot anyway.

So you’re saying coming month might not be patriots? Or after patriots she’s going to change?

And I didn’t tried her, she’s just a 3* gold 3 haha

I think the developer wrote,
“Kobold isn’t too happy with the way the Patriots have been running their show. It’s likely she will turncoat in the future and find a new faction (after her debut month)”. That’s all I know. So from what I can tell, it seems her debut month will be Patriots month but that they’ll replace her after that. Shoremen?

And you, dear sir, beat me in PvP yesterday!

Yeah, that’s why I asked you how she played, saving up frags for her

I hope your question is answered :wink:
Next month for sure will be patriots month. Maybe she is send to a smaller faction afterwards so for can be featured too later on.

Very lucky to open Kobold on the tier 2 box, she feels like a high yield version of Heimlock that offers shields and healings in bursts rather than a constant burst protection.

The possibility of being a turncoat is a good thing on a gameplay perspective, she can be in the featured faction for two months making for a good event investment for your frags. I have a feeling she’s going to turn to a KLG faction, probably KLG irregulars…

She seems soft, but she’s amazing. I’ve used her at 7* plat and she does quite well. She just needs a team that can keep her alive. Her healing is amazing, especially if skills are timed perfectly. Yes, trying to find the right team for her right now too. If I find something that works, I’ll let you know.

Did you get yours through the contest ULFPAM, or did you unlock it beforehand? I haven’t received mine yet and I’m getting antsy.

I got her indeedo!
Where did you submit your story? The devs might wanna get in touch with you from there.
I submitted mine here on the forum and @BombBella sent me a PM right before the update went live where she asked me to confirm my in game name.

What subforum did you submit yours on? I did both FB and here.

I submitted my story here, on the forum in the contest thread. You should get in contact with the devs about this I think.

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Sent a PM and posted on the contest form. Thanks!

Kobold’s AI needs to be tweaked a bit. My main issue with her is that her real potential lies in her gold and platinum skills. Caustic Shields is quite good. The problem is…those shields need to be up to be reflecting damage and healing and giving armor buffs. As it stands now, both her silver and bronze skills pop nearly simultaneously. So she shields and within seconds, pops them, for no benefit to the party.

Most healers operating off AI have the ability to recognize when their healing is needed. They will sit on a charged heal until it’s needed and then pop it. This same AI protocol needs to be applied to Kobold. No moderate/severe injuries, then don’t pop the shields. This would make her more useful.


In my opinion, Kobold is basically Caine and Butter’s skills put together. Her addition to the game now puts the strong shielding heroes at 3. 4 if you count Phalanx. It gets infuriating to have to deal with several healers along with Butter and Kobold. I do not like Kobold and feel she was unnecessary. Kaishi was a good addition to the game though.