New November Hero Contest

A New Patriots Member is joining the hunt soon! Welcome… KOBOLD, the Corrosive Shielder!

Want a chance to win Kobold? Take your best guess at what the backstory of Kobold is!

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Surge wife from morlocks

I would guess he probably got himself covered in chems and almost died before being saved by the rest of the Patriots.

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A veteran soldier brought back to life by Flatline

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So do we comment here, on youtube, or facebook with our story for Kobold?

You can make your lore guess in any of the 3 (Facebook, forums, or YouTube)! We read them all :slight_smile:


Little was known about the patriot outcast Kobald. Rumor has it Flatline recovered her from one of her search and rescue missions. But equally believed she was a fallen KLG operative, augmented for special combat from the secret lab in Blackthorn Prison.

Unlike the rest of patriots who rely on technological advances to gain an edge in combat, Kobald relies on the feedback of shielding technologies to keep her going. If one doesn’t know better, one would call her a technomancer as her doctrine seems more witchcraft than traditional warfare.

Nonetheless she banded with the patriot as her current endeavors align with theirs. Only time will tell where her true loyalty lies, perhaps it will be the day she unmask herself…

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Kobold once fought along side her brother, Ghoul. She discovered that she was being deceived by Razorback. She tried hard to convince her brother that they should try to overthrow Razorback. Ghoul would have no part in it as his conscience was ruled by fear and loyalty to Razorback. Kobold decided that she couldn’t continue to follow Razorback any longer. She challenged Razorback for control of the Morlocks. After she was quickly annihilated Razorback tossed her body into the sewer drainage and was swept away from the Den. A Patriot patrol stumbled upon her and having known Kobold, Flatline revived her. Kobold then swore allegiance to the Patriots and swore to seek vengeance against Razorback for all that he has done.


The paranoid scientist Surge had created a team on powerful energy heroes. One day Panzer the assault breached infilitrates Surges lab outnumbered but still almost annihilates all 5 patriots. The patriots manage to escape but Surge realized they were weak against Panzer and her mechanical prowess. So the scientist goes into the lab and creates Koblod the corrosive shielder. With the ability to deploy corrosive shields to all of his teammates Surge has successfully created a counter to slow Panzer down. Surge and the Patriots then went on a hunt for Panzer with their new weapon.

Kobold the relentless shielder the last of her kind she knew that to survive had to protect herself with her toxic Shields. With her brother ghoul by her side she figured she could do anything but Kurtz corrupted him and he was forced to live in the sewers. Because he was in hiding. Kobold is now in search of her brother in hopes of bringing him back to the Patriots and away from the morlocks control.

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Kobold a sewer cutting defender provides shields to her allies and lays devastating damage. Kobold was one part of the Morlocks a powerful group but then one day KLG forces stole kobold for some experiments tested in their labs for decades. but then the UAF bombarded the place and kobold escapes looking for the Patriots her original squad.

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A chemically engineered experiment on a patriot that was ambushed by Kurtz’s Army. An incorruptible, unbreakable Patriot that has decided to use the new found abilities in the use for good not evil. Kobold, leader of the Patriots, not out for revenge but to contain the duties of protection of the team of Patriots.

On what was supposed to be a routine patrol, Kobold became separated from her team during a surprise attack by the Morlocks. Experimentation by the Morlocks drove her insane and granted her the corrosive shield ability. She was eventually rescued by a Patriot rescue operation and had her sanity and health restored by the combined efforts of Surge and Flatline. She returns to the Patriot squad with her new found corrosive shield ability to seek revenge upon the Morlock butchers that did this to her.

He’s a green slime like patriot.

Kobold, Flatline’s sister, who was more interested in a defender/shielder, so she volunteered at a paramilitary organization. She alongside Phalanx were trained in defense and shielding tactics. Unlike most other recruits, Kobold was more fascinated and specialized in biochemical defenses, and she chose to be a biochemical defender. After graduating, she was invited by both Phalanx and her sister Flatline to join the secretive Patriot organization ( An apocalyptic preparation society made up of many paramilitary soldiers ). And when the bombs fell, they entered their bunkers and waited for the dust to settle. Whne the dust finally settled, the Patriots emerged ready to build a new society based. on the old American values of freedom, equality, and big weaponry.

Tell me, does HH judge on accuracy of the backstory or creativity?

Kobold, once a fearsome and dangerous ally of the KLG was encountered by the UAFA along one of her reconnaissance missions for intel to bring back to Kurtz. The UAFA made quick work of the situation, leaving Kobold battered and bruised - on her dying last breath.

Fast forward a few hours where the Patriots’ are patrolling the area’s remains for what seems like little hope for any human sign. Just as they are about to leave Phalanx hears faint breathing and moaning from underneath a pile of rubble. She and Fortress use all of their strength to raise the massive boulders to unveil Kobold laying there lifeless. Flatline rushes over, using her healing hands she is able to stabilize the heart enough to move Kobold back to their hideout.

In the lab, Surge works on new armour and weapons for the once recognizeable Kobold while she heals from her life threatening wounds. Flatline frantically awaiting any signs of consciousness.

A meeting takes place of what to do with this mysterious figure. Surge insists on wiping her memories and creating another ally of the Patriots’. The group agrees to it and they push forward with the plan.

Eventually waking up, Kobold feels lost and confused, asking many questions as to what happened and why she cannot even recognize her once beautiful face. They continue to answer her in the best way possible in order to not trigger any past memories from the KLG. Eventually she just grows silent.

Upset from the pain she feels, Kobold begs Surge to build a mask to hide her true face in order to supress painful scars of the once fare skin. But symbolically to the Patriots’ it conceals her true identity of what she once was.

A past forever forgotten.


That’s some real deep story telling. Damn good job.

Thanks :sweat_smile:… Really appreciate it.

Both I think, a dev probably will answer this better than I can