Hero Spotlight: Marianas

Due to a server error, some of you have seen a bit of this Hero already, so here’s the Spotlight earlier than usual! Update notes are coming soon…

Icon_ElementEnergy MARIANAS

KLG irregulars colour KLG IRREGULARS

Marianas, the “Human Tsunami,” is a Frontline fighter specializing in Lifts and Damage Over Time abilities. Her penchant for creating storms to force enemies from cover, combined with buffeting winds that shred enemies outside of cover, give her foes no ground to run to.

Primary Weapon - Wave Breaker LMG

Skills Header


Bronze Ability


Summons an electrical storm above a random enemy, dealing Elemental Damage to all enemies that remain in the area of effect. Whenever an enemy is damaged by Tempest, they have a 40% chance to become Lifted for 4 seconds. The storm lasts for 4 seconds.


Silver Ability


Summons localized clouds above Cloaked enemy Heroes. Cloaked enemies become Marked and de-cloaked. Units affected by Maelstrom also take an additional 35% damage while Maelstron is active. Maelstrom has no effect on non-cloaked enemies. The duration of Maelstrom increases by 1 second every 10 levels.

Razor Wind

Gold Ability - Passive Skill


All enemies who are Lifted or aren’t behind cover take Elemental Damage constantly until back behind cover. Enemies standing/shooting from cover aren’t affected. Enemies hiding behind destroyed cover are affected.

Perfect Storm

Platinum Ability - Passive Skill


If an enemy is affected by either Maelstrom or Tempest, a fierce gale blows in dealing Damage and Lifting them for 5 seconds if they are not already Lifted.

Tanked Up

Ruby Ability - Passive Skill


A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also to clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains an Elemental Armor bonus and deals additional damage to cover.

Where Can I Get Marianas?!

crate raid

Marianas will be available in Crates and Coop Raids!

What do you think of Marianas? Let us know in the comments!


Localized weather control… sounds familiar. I wonder why? Also, am I crazy or does she totally look like November Ajax?




So, a good person working for the wrong people in order to build a suitable future but the future may be in favor for the Klg…

So is she a big tank person or slim?

She looks promising though. Can’t wait for her to drop

She is going to be anti-roller and looks cool af doing it… Good job HH, love it :sunglasses:

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Looking forward to her… she seems like she will be a pain in the ass in pvp.:joy:

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Marianas, the perfect storm.

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Looks sick! Thanks devs ;).

with its storms and others it evokes, a combination with halo in PvP, hello the damage :sweat_smile:

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Love the look and skillset. Being an energy that damages cloaked enemies, it seems she’ll bring bad weather to Mandrake (pardon the pun)
P.S. Just noticed something. The irregulars have Cinder(Wildfire),Richter(Earthquake) and now Marianas (Tsunami). Were the irregulars themed around Calamities?
P.S.S. Would love how she pairs with Cinder


I like her, hope to find synergies with coverbreakers to do some hefty damage and push some suffocating offensive perks. Also, I’m seeing Bucket and Marianas pairing quite well.




Umm baron, marinas, and halo? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Keel will be essential.
Thanks devs I love it!

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She looks amazing :thinking:


Got to see her skills early lol, but still doesn’t beat the thrill of seeing her character design! Looks great, and her gun looks like it packs a punch!


Looks absolutely amazing, super cool design and cool abilities, good job HH👍

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Guess I’ll pair her with Chesterfield just to be different :man_shrugging:t2:

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somewhere I already saw it) :grin:


Mandrake teams here comes marianas.