Hero Spotlight: Morrigan


A woman awoke on the desolate shore, battered and bruised, with no memory of who she was or how she got there. Exhausted and unable to move, she slipped in and out of consciousness while witnessing a group of people surrounding her before blacking out. The next time she awoke, she found herself in a makeshift camp. A man named Fischer introduced himself and explained that they are a faction called The Shoremen, who found her and nursed her back to health. They couldn’t resist helping a shipwrecked soul in need. When Fischer asked her who she was, she tried to grasp any memory of her past, but it was to no avail. The only thing she could recall was a name: “Morrigan.” Unsure if that was even her own, she decided to go by that name, at least until she found her true identity.

As Morrigan gathered her bearings, she noticed a strange phenomenon—a massive, shimmering purple sphere hovering over the sea, a few kilometers from the shore they had camped on, where it seemed even from this far that time appeared frozen within the sphere’s boundaries. Fischer explained to her that his Shoremen scout unit had been ordered to investigate the mysterious occurrence until they stumbled upon her motionless body on the shore. Unfortunately, they needed to move on with their mission, but he will leave one of his medics behind to take care of her until they return.

While the scouting group deliberated on how they should approach the enigmatic sphere and continue their mission, an unknown highly technologically advanced group launched a surprise attack on their makeshift camp. Chaos ensued, and the scout group of Shoremen found themselves overwhelmed by the superior firepower and numbers of their mysterious assailants. They had never seen such ferocity and advanced technology and seemed they had little chance of survival. Amidst the assault, seeing her saviors being overwhelmed and cut down, Morrigan felt an unusual power rising within herself. Just as a projectile was about to hit her and the medic assigned to her care, she instinctively jumped in front and in that instant, it stopped mid-air. Time itself seemed to bend and warp around her, allowing her to distort it at will. With this newfound ability, she shielded the Shoremen and turned the tide of the battle, forcing the attackers to retreat.

Witnessing Morrigan’s extraordinary abilities, the Shoremen’s speculations arose that she must be connected to the mysterious purple sphere in some way. They immediately asked her to meet their leader, Magnus, who could potentially provide answers that puzzle both her and the Shoreman scouts, given his proximity to another powerful individual who wielded similar powers—a mercenary named Valkyrie.

As they traversed through the shores of the post-apocalyptic world, she was struck. She had only fractions of memories, and they were all of a beautiful world. Seeing her struck by the view, Fischer quickly explained the events that unfolded with the world, about Day Zero, and she was terrified—a terror not seen for years, as not many remembered the old world.

When they reached the Shoremen’s base, she was promptly greeted by the Shoremen leader, Magnus. Awestruck by the man’s wisdom and knowledge, she listened intently as he explained that the powers she possessed were among the strongest forces in the world. These abilities, referred to as “Astral” or “Void” powers, typically originated from individuals who had come into contact with either corrupted or purified heronium. He clarified that the majority of people with prolonged exposure to these elements typically succumb to death, but very few who survived developed unique abilities. For this reason, these elements, while dangerous, were extremely powerful and the main source of conflict among the factions.

Puzzled by this revelation, Morrigan attempted to recall anything from her past, but her efforts were in vain. Observing her puzzled expression and grateful for her role in saving his team, Magnus swiftly extended an invitation for her to join them. Together, they could unravel the truth about her past while she contributed to their shared goals. Aligned with their objectives, Morrigan didn’t hesitate to accept the offer.

Embracing her role among the Shoremen, Morrigan sought to uncover the mysteries of her past. As she delved into fragments of memories, she found recurring images of a scientific life and a massive machine that she recognized as a “particle accelerator.” But what these glimpses of memories meant, how she acquired the powers she had, and more importantly, who she was, and who were the unseen before group of people that attacked them at the shore, remained a mystery.

In her journey with the Shoremen, Morrigan honed her time-manipulating abilities. Yet, with each use of her powers, she felt a fragment of her memories slipping away. With time, she realized that Magnus’s words were true, and the cost of manipulating time seemed to be a toll on her own past. It became clear that her amnesia was linked to a pivotal event involving the purple sphere on the sea, visible from the shore.

Guided by the clues from her memories, Morrigan and the Shoremen set out to unveil the truth about her forgotten life and the dark secrets. As Morrigan delved deeper into her memories, she discovered a connection between the purple sphere and her own existence, a link that hinted at a profound and mysterious truth awaiting revelation.

Faction: Shoremen

Element: Void

Weapon: Special

Morrigan is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!


Temporalysis Chain
(Bronze Skill: Active Ability)

Targets the enemy closest to Morrigan’s crosshair, dealing an amount of Elemental Damage to them and 4 other enemies and inflicting them with un-cleansable [Temporalysis Chain] for some seconds. Affected enemies deal a set percentage of reduced damage from all sources, have a set percentage decreased fire rate, set percentage slower movement speed, and set percentage reduced dodge/evade chance. These effects are doubled if the enemy is a midline hero.

After the duration is over, one chain remains active on the initial main target, debuffing them for half of the values, until the ability is recast.

Additionally, any healing Morrigan receives damages all enemies afflicted by [Temporalysis Chain] for a set percentage of the healed amount as elemental damage.


Augmentation Link
(Silver Skill: Active Ability)

Heal this hero and 4 allied heroes for a set amount of Health and form a link between Morrigan and the healed allies for a set duration of seconds. While the link is active, both Morrigan and her allies take a set percentage reduced damage from all sources, have a set percentage additional fire rate, a set percentage increased movement speed, and a set percentage increased dodge/evade chance.

Once the duration is over, one link remains active, prioritizing the ally with the lowest health. This effect remains on the ally until the ability is recast.

Additionally, any healing Morrigan receives will Heal her linked allies for a set percentage of the healed amount.


(Gold Skill: Passive Ability)

Allies with [Augmentation Link] will continuously cleanse negative effects until the link is removed.

After [Augmentation Link] has been cast at least once, If any ally sustains damage exceeding a set percentage of Morrigan’s total health within a few seconds and does not have [Augmentation Link], they will be linked to Morrigan through [Augmentation Link] for the next few seconds, benefiting from all of its effects including the heal. This can trigger once every set amount of seconds per hero.

Additionally, if Morrigan is injured, every set amount of seconds she is healing herself for a set amount of Health and increasing her total health by an additional set amount of permanent Health.


Stasis Field
(Platinum Skill: Passive Ability)

When an ally with [Augmentation Link] takes lethal damage, they receive [Stasis Field]. With it, any further damage they endure will be reduced by a set percentage and redirected towards Morrigan for a few seconds. [Augmentation Link] is lost once the duration of [Stasis Field] expires.

When Morrigan takes lethal damage, she receives [Stasis Field] which removes all active [Temporalysis Chain] and [Augmentation Link] and makes her invulnerable but immobile, incapable of casting abilities or shooting for some seconds. This can trigger once every set amount of seconds.

Additionally, for each active [Temporalysis Chain] and [Augmentation Link] Morrigan receives a stack of [Chronocharge] increasing her basic attack damage by a set amount per projectile (x3) and making the damage she deals via basic attacks to an enemy with [Temporalysis Chain] to heal her lowest health ally for a percentage of the inflicted damage.


Tanked Up
(Ruby Skill: Passive Ability)

A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero takes 10% reduced damage, starts the match with additional Health and Elemental Armor, and deals additional Damage to Cover.

How can I get Morrigan?

Morrigan will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


PERFECT :heart::skull:
A worthy opponent for other heroes

There will be another not fully developed hero


I am very excited to get all the frags so I can get her 10*.


Still gearing her up, but the chains she fires onto the field are very cool looking. Kind of visually highlights the effect very nicely.

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