Hero Spotlight: Panzer

Icon_ElementMech Panzer


  • Elite assault breacher. Panzer represents the best the UAF has to offer, state of the art equipment and training combine to make a deadly warrior, excellent at initiating a fight and brawling while outnumbered. Panzer is an aggressive attacker who kicks off each fight with a bang.


Breach and Clear

Bronze Ability

Panzer shoots an explosive blast, dealing Elemental Damage to all enemies in the targeted area. Breach and Clear will deal additional Damage to enemies at full Health.

Clean Sweep

Silver Ability

Panzer fires a spread blast from her Shotgun, dealing Damage per shot. Killing an enemy with Clean Sweep, will generate a Shield on Panzer that lasts until destroyed.


Gold Ability - Passive

Whenever the enemy Team outnumbers the allied Team, Panzer’s Weapon deals bonus Damage and Elemental Damage for each fallen allied Hero.

Assault Breacher

Platinum Ability - Passive

Panzer deals bonus Elemental Damage for a duration at the start of a Mission.

Where can I get Panzer!?

  • Panzer will be available in the Assault on City Hall raid starting Monday July 9th.
  • Panzer_Source-RaidPanzer_Source-Crate

What do you think of Panzer?


Love her new concept… HHG thinking outside the box is great but… The Skin is horrendous! Shoulder pads look ridiculous,.lets hope.you have a decent skin upgrade planned :blush: