Hero Spotlight: Phantasma

Nice work devs. Love the new hero. Hope she is awesome. Thank you.

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She looks Phantastic!! :man_facepalming: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Obreze sucks in pvp my opinion, I prefer my shives over her still even with the buff.

Love the design. As far as the skin can it be a gypsy from the movie Thinner? Bart Simpson? David vs Goliath? Link often rocked a slingshot in Zelda lore. Kinda wish the elements were more evenly distributed in certain factions (mechs in mag, bios in morlocks) but overall I like the character and I’m excited to try and get her.

Nice hero hope i will get her :star_struck:

She definitely does look like her :rofl: