Let’s talk about Phantasma

In my opinion Phantasma is an awesome hero. She has an awesome design. A cool weapon which takes a lot of skill to use. Which comes to my point. Her weapon is really hard to hit. Predict on moving enemies and often doesn’t even count when shooting headshots. Now this would be fine for most heroes. Like Bolt. Who rewards headshots with extra damage and buffs. Or artemis who has a huge multiplier for headshots. Though for Phantasma is doesn’t.

Her bronze has a long charge up time. Casting time and the projectile travels very slow. Shooting your main weapon is always going to be a better option, as the chances of your target dying when your enemy is low enough to kill them to fire off the second shot is far too high. Making this ability useless. Besides that i often don’t see the damage indicator. Which is an issue i won’t discuss here as that is for support

Her silver doesn’t deal much damage. Though it does get rewarded with ability damage over time which is fun when pairing with boosters like Krieger or Halo. Though yet again it takes too long to charge. Which would be fine if she would be able to survive for a long time. Which she doesn’t due to her low HP.
This would usually get compensated by her gold which makes her invisible when she kills an enemy. Though that comes back to her base damage lacking. As base shots don’t deal enough damage. And headshots aren’t that rewarding either to get that up soon enough.

Her platinum slightly increases her damage by around 5% of her base damage when maxed. Which is nothing compared to her base damage. Bolt for example deals 15% extra damage and gains damage over time when hitting a headshot
My solution to this would be to make her more skilled abilities more rewarding. Here are a few examples to add on top of her normal abilities:
Bronze: first shot increased damage by 20%. Same goes to the second shot.
Silver: None
Gold: whenever this hero is invisible she reloads 20% faster
Platinum: Headshots refill 7.5% of her bronze extra
This can give her just that boost she needs to be able to excel in a match. By making her able to use her finishing shot more often and it makes it easier to hit for the second charge

My overall opinion on this hero is that she has an awesome design. Concept and a lot of potential. She requires a lot of skill which in my opinion doesn’t get rewarded enough. I hope this might spark some inspiration and bring Phantasma to her full potential!

I’d love to hear your opinion below!

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