Thoughts on Phantasma?

I wanted to get players’ thoughts on her. So far she seems kind of like a cross between Artemis and Prophet. I have her at 6* gold and I’m not a huge fan of her skills. She feels like she’s geared toward PVE given her gold and plat which is fine, but since I prefer PVP I don’t see me using her much.

I like her in pvp. If she gets kills she will cloak for a while. She definitely needs health support though.

She not really effective in raids or coops either

I like her flexibility with the slingshot and rockets. She definitely does need a small help with healing. But she packs a punch. I haven’t been able to see much from the invisible ability but only cause i get paired with higher allies. But when it does happen, it’s pretty sweet.

I’m making her stronger each day

Pretty bad IMO, skills take forever to charge, takes too long to reload for a single shot hero and dies super fast

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