Hero Spotlight: Raven


In a world consumed by desolation and turmoil, a mysterious figure emerged, draped in a shroud of enigmatic composure. In the aftermath of Day Zero, Raven’s true identity faded into obscurity. He was a solitary orphan on the brink of starvation when he encountered a group known as “The Rangers.” They extended their protective embrace to the young boy, nourishing him and marking the inception of Raven’s journey, a solemn commitment to their faction.

Over time, Raven’s innate talent as a marksman displayed exceptional promise, and he eventually ascended to become one of “The Aspirants,” an elite training group led by their faction’s enigmatic leader, Prophet, an unmatched Sniper. As an aspirant, Raven endured brutal, almost inhuman training conditions that seemed unsurvivable to most. Yet, these aspirants were forged to endure precisely such ordeals. Gradually, Raven emerged as one of the most accomplished Aspirant members, earning the direct mentorship of Prophet himself. His aim: to become one of the Prophet’s “Chosen,” an exclusive cadre of bodyguards second only to the leader in skill and lethality.

Through excruciating training, Raven honed his focus to an otherworldly level, achieving a state of near-mindless precision. He learned to act instinctively, free from any hesitations or conscious thoughts, where solitude was strength. However, Raven’s solitary path took an unforeseen turn when he crossed paths with a fellow sniper.

This unnamed comrade, simultaneously best friend and partner, forged a bond founded on secrecy and trust. Together, they defied protocol, refining their marksmanship skills and evolving into a formidable duo, rivaled only by Prophet himself. Dreams, secrets, and an unshakable bond united Raven and his partner, offering solace and purpose in a world devoid of certainty.

Their relentless pursuit of perfection faced challenges in a post-apocalyptic world defined by adversity. Together, they synergized their skills, creating prototype mechanical tech that allowed them to prevail against all odds, exploiting the weaknesses of their enemies.

However, an ominous shadow loomed over their partnership – the trials. These enigmatic tests, veiled in secrecy, represented the path to becoming Prophet’s Chosen.

Years later the trials commenced, and from a vast pool of candidates, only Raven and his partner emerged as survivors, having faced the trials together. Their exceptional resilience and unwavering commitment set them apart. Yet, their triumph proved ephemeral as the ultimate trial was unveiled – a life-and-death duel, a harsh test to determine Prophet’s “chosen.” Only one of them could emerge victorious.

As the duel unfolded, Raven, aware of his partner’s unwavering loyalty, was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, however, an eerie serenity descended upon him, plunging him into a surreal state where the world blurred into obscurity, and his every movement became an instinctual dance choreographed by muscle memory.

He found himself ensnared in this involuntary trance, a silent spectator within his own body, powerless to intervene due to Prophet’s indoctrinating training methods. Whenever he wanted to take a hit, his body unwillingly evaded the attacks and traps set for him.

The duel reached its climactic conclusion, with smoke and gunfire creating a grim tableau of inevitability. Raven, still ensnared in his involuntary dance, stood over his fallen partner, a stark testament to the trials’ brutality.

It was a hollow victory, tainted by haunting sorrow. Raven emerged as the sole survivor not by choice but by the unforgiving rigors of Prophet’s training. His heart ached as he stood in the shadow of grief, bearing witness to the lifeless form of the partner who had shared his arduous journey.

Accepting his role as Prophet’s elite “Chosen”, he carried the burden with a heavy heart, all the while harboring a clandestine vow – a pledge to avenge the friend lost in the trials. Behind his enigmatic façade lay a tempest of emotions that would one day find release in the pursuit of justice and vengeance in the harsh world they navigated. One day, he will have his reckoning and Prophet will face his wrath.

Faction: Rangers

Element: Mech

Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Raven is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!

Lethal Adaptivity
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Deals damage to a target, increases Raven’s critical chance by a set percentage for some seconds, and grants this hero and all allied heroes extra effects based on the type of enemy targeted:

[Lethal Adaptivity - Frontline] - If the target is a Frontline hero, basic attacks will ignore enemy shields and will deal a percentage of damage of the enemy’s total health as additional damage for a few seconds.

[Lethal Adaptivity - Mid-line] - If the target is a Mid-line hero, basic attacks and abilities will life steal for a set percentage of the dealt damage for a few seconds.

[Lethal Adaptivity - Rear line] - If the target is a Rear line hero, basic attacks will reduce a percentage of the cooldown progress of enemies’ abilities for the next few seconds.

Multiple effects can synergize, however activating the same buff does not stack bonuses, only refreshes their duration.

Linked Assassination
(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Marks an enemy for some seconds making a percentage of damage to the marked target to spread to 4 closest to them enemies.

After a few seconds, once the mark expires it deals an additional percent of the total damage dealt to the target while they were marked and heals all allies for the repeated damage. If the enemy dies from the mark’s trigger, all allies will be healed for a certain amount of health instead. Only one [Linked Assassination] mark can be active at a time and cannot be cleansed.

Raven inflicts additional physical damage and additional elemental damage with basic attacks against enemies with [Linked Assassination].

Tactical Versatility
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

When this hero or an ally headshots an enemy, the shooter will be healed for a certain amount of Health per second for some seconds. This effect cannot stack.

Additionally, casting [Lethal Adaptivity] or [Linked Assassination] grants Raven a stack of [Tactical Versatility]. With it, when enemies fall below a certain percentage of health, they instantly die when Raven casts [Lethal Adaptivity] on them. The enemy health threshold increases by a certain percentage with each [Tactical Versatility] stack, up to a maximum of 5 stacks.

Upon triggering an instant enemy death, the stacks reset.

Shadowed Resurgence
(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

Each headshot Raven deals gives him a stack of [Shadowed Resurgence] boosting his Fire Rate by a set percentage and Reload Speed by a set percentage per stack. At 3 stacks, his next shot will inflict additional Elemental Damage, heal all allies including Raven for a percentage of the inflicted additional damage, and reset all [Tactical Versatility] stacks. Hitting an enemy marked by [Linked Assassination] instantly fully charges [Shadowed Resurgence] to the maximum 3 stacks.

In Addition, when an ally falls below a set percentage of health, they gain [Invisibility] and a percentage of lifesteal for some seconds or until they get above a set percentage of their total health. This effect can trigger once every 20 seconds per hero.

Additionally, when Raven kills an enemy he instantly charges [Lethal Adaptivity].

(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this Hero’s skills to start 100% charged. This Hero also gains an Armor bonus and a 30% chance to Evade basic attacks.

How can I get Raven?

Raven will be obtainable through crates and Co-Op Raids!


His story is absolutely staggering! That’s how you set up a badass character!


superior moves for a superior character. Cant wait to get them in game. Looking forward to it.

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Important Clarification regarding [Lethal Adaptivity - Mid-line]

If the target is a Mid-line hero, not only basic attacks from allies with this buff but also their abilities will life steal for a set percentage of the dealt damage for a few seconds.

Please keep in mind that this skill description will be fully present only in the English version of the skill in-game. In other languages, the “abilities” part is missing.


Loved the story, very enjoyable read and a cool backstory for a sick looking character.

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I have to echo these sentiments… regardless of how Raven plays out in the field, his backstory is haunting.

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Raven is impressive. He just cuts through silly nonsense that stands in your way. His % dmg dealt is truly terrifying along with his execute. It was a bit crazy, in a good way, to watch the toughest Bounty bosses just drop 25 or 50% of their health in a single second. His spike is very, very strong and I am enjoying so many different team pairings to flow with it.

This is my favourite new toy. Battles are very fast, as we all know, but I love setting up a 40-50% execute when a particularly sticky bad guy is on the field. It was hugely helpful in clearing Min’s Simulator.


I’m finding him very useful when paired with Phantom. He hits hard, no doubt, but wish he had a bit more oomph against void heroes.


He needs a nerf please.