Late Entry Sweeps May Update Heros Aside

Name = Ravager

Description = Plagued by traumatic childhood memories, this Kurtz assassin is adept at catching enemies unawares and dealing heavy damage.
Primary weapon = Uzi
Special weapon = Samurai blades
Bronze skill = ‘It’s behind you’ – Engages temporary invisibility to sneak behind targeted enemy and deal ‘x’ amount of damage with samurai blades thrust into back.
Silver skill = ‘WildFire’ – Tosses string of 5 ‘conkers’ (napalm grenades) leaving a blindingly powerful fire for 12 seconds dealing ‘x’ damage per second.
Gold skill = ‘Don’t touch me’ – Passive skill whereby any enemy harming Ravager with a skilled attack suffer half the damage inflicted themselves.
Platinum skill = ‘Firestorm’ – Sporadic showers of ‘conkers’ pulverize the enemy locations throughout the engagement, leaving trails of tear gas in their wake, dealing 1.5x the silver skill damage as well as ‘x’ additional elemental damage.
Go on – this is a sure-hit….

These are great bud. Do you draw them?


wat…this is straight up Ravager from the TV show Arrow. you trying to get HH sued bro?

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D’oh…my bad
And no, I clearly do not draw them. The text and ideas are all me though :grin:

@rawflwaffle Don’t worry buddy - I don’t think HH will get sued. Rest easy my friend


Why I don’t do my own artwork…


You nailed the gun, tho

Shouldn’t arrow get sued from DC for making her look just like death stroke? (I’m arrow is dc but still)