Hero Spotlight: Raijin


In the aftermath of the apocalypse, amidst the ruins of what was once a thriving society, two brothers, Raijin and Ronin, emerged as beacons of strength and hope. Descendants of a Japanese lineage, their origins were rooted in a legacy of resilience and honor. They were among the first to organize the survivors after Day Zero, imparting the traditions of honor, fairness, and assistance from the day of their birth.

The elder brother, known only by his current moniker Raijin, was not only a master of martial prowess but also a tech savant. His profound understanding of technology allowed him to craft a suit that not only redefined but transcended the parameters of electrical energy manipulation. Raijin’s attire, a striking blue suit adorned with circuit patterns, and the crackling strands of white hair, a side effect of manipulating vast quantities of power, made him unmistakable in any situation. Raijin’s unparalleled ability to manipulate energy served as a testament to human ingenuity, a symbol of survival amidst chaos. Drawing parallels with the mythological god of thunder Raijin, his name swiftly became synonymous with extraordinary power.

Ronin, Raijin’s younger brother, walked a path of honor alongside his sibling. Clad in armor forged from remnants of the past and enforced by his brother’s technological mind, Ronin wielded an energy weapon mirroring that of a Naginata, gifted by his brother, with precision and skill. While Raijin harnessed the power of lightning, Ronin mastered the art of the blade, embodying the balance of tradition and innovation. They were the proud honor of their family’s name.

The brothers complemented each other’s strengths. Raijin’s ability to manipulate electricity not only granted him a formidable advantage in combat but also allowed him to drain the shields of his enemies, adding their strength to his own, while Ronin used these openings to close the gap in lightning fast movement and deal the finishing blows with his iconic weapon. The two brothers became a symbol of hope for those who witnessed their prowess in battle. Together, they stood as guardians, protecting the remnants of humanity from the perils that lurked in the shadows.

Raijin’s electrifying presence, coupled with Ronin’s unwavering commitment to justice, inspired tales of their exploits among the survivors. The blue glow of Raijin’s suit and the flash of Ronin’s Naginata became symbols of resilience, a beacon of hope in a world struggling to rebuild.

However, on a fateful day, Raijin and Ronin found themselves facing insurmountable odds. A merciless band of marauders descended upon their enclave of survivors, leaving destruction in their wake. Outnumbered 10 to 1, every attempt to push back resulted in gruesome losses. Raijin, driven by an unyielding desire to shield his younger brother and the enclave’s residents, faced a moment that would forever tarnish his honor.

The air hung heavy with tension as Raijin proposed a desperate plan to divert the marauders. It involved sacrificing a group of innocent civilians to ensure the enclave’s safety by creating a window for them to evacuate. Ronin, embodying honor, vehemently opposed the idea, his eyes filled with disbelief and sorrow.

A heated argument ensued, with Raijin and Ronin locked in a struggle of principles. Ronin’s protests echoed in the air, a plea for an alternative that did not involve forsaking the innocent. The clash escalated into a scuffle, the brothers grappling with conflicting ideologies in the face of impending doom.

In a moment of desperation, Raijin, driven by a twisted sense of duty, unleashed his energy manipulation. A surge of crackling electricity enveloped Ronin’s armor, freezing it in place, rendering him immobile and unable to stop his brother. The once-unbreakable bond between the brothers now strained to its limits, and Raijin, with a heavy heart, proceeded with the sacrificial plan.

The cries of the innocent civilians echoed in the distance as Raijin led the marauders away, creating enough time for the evacuation but leaving behind a scene of heart-wrenching sacrifice.

Raijin emerged as the sole survivor of the diversion group, having overcharged his suit to critical levels, unleashing a destructive surge that obliterated everything in his vicinity. However, this overwhelming surge of power came at a significant cost; the unleashed energy damaged all of his soft tissue, destroying his eyes in the process, rendering him permanently blind.The weight of dishonor settled upon Raijin‚Äôs shoulders like a leaden cloak, and the air crackled with the residual energy of a bond shattered by necessity. The act, though strategic, went against the very essence of honor ‚Äď the protection of the vulnerable and the innocent. Even more, Raijin took a heavy blow directly in his eyes, blinding him forever.

The news of Raijin’s dishonorable deed spread like wildfire among the survivors. His family, deeply rooted in the values of honor and sacrifice, disowned him, unable to reconcile the betrayal of their core principles. Raijin, burdened by the weight of shame, vanished into the shadows, determined to find redemption and restore the honor he had lost.

During his voluntary isolation, Raijin dedicated himself to refining his skills and exploring the intricacies of technology, driven by the ambition to restore his lost sight. By crafting an energy amplifier inspired by a Tomoe ring, he achieved the ability to sense the constant pulsing sparks of energy in his vicinity. This innovation enabled him to feel and ‚Äúsee‚ÄĚ everything around him. With this groundbreaking technology, Raijin fully harnessed the power of electricity to protect those who were unable to defend themselves.The blue glow of his suit became a symbol of his commitment to a path of redemption, a constant reminder of the dishonor he sought to overcome.

As Raijin ventured through the wasteland, he encountered various challenges that tested his resolve. Each battle, each act of heroism, was a step toward redemption. The whispers of his dishonorable past echoed in the wind, but Raijin pressed on, determined to prove that even in the darkest moments, honor could be reclaimed.

The tale of Raijin’s fall and subsequent rise became a legend among the survivors, a cautionary reminder of the thin line between sacrifice and dishonor. Raijin, once a paragon of honor, now sought to redefine his legacy, one electrifying step at a time.

His disappearance left Ronin to carry the weight of their family‚Äôs legacy. With time, Ronin found like-minded people in the ‚ÄúPeople‚Äôs Guard,‚ÄĚ and their family joined the faction.

As Ronin rose to prominence within the People’s Guard, Raijin navigated the shadows, working tirelessly to redeem himself. His existence became a mere whisper, lost in the tales of his brother’s triumphs. Until one day when Ronin found himself on the brink of death, locked in a battle against overwhelming odds.

In the eleventh hour, as hope seemed to wane, Raijin emerged from the shadows. The blue glow of his suit illuminated the battlefield, and the crackling energy that surrounded him became a beacon of salvation. In a whirlwind of lightning and determination, Raijin swooped in, saving Ronin from the clutches of death.

The reunion was marked by a silent understanding, a recognition that Raijin had reemerged not as a prodigal brother seeking forgiveness but as a warrior, redeemed and resolute. The brothers fought side by side, the blue glow of Raijin’s suit harmonizing with the flash of Ronin’s Naginata once again. Together, they defied the shadows of dishonor that once threatened to engulf their legacy.

The tale of Raijin’s redemption spread through the wasteland, a narrative of honor regained in the crucible of adversity. The brothers, once separated by shame, now stood united against the chaos that sought to consume their world. Raijin, having reclaimed his honor, became a symbol of resilience, a testament to the enduring strength of familial bonds in the face of darkness.

Faction: People’s Guard

Element: Energy

Weapon: Special - Akimbo Hands

Raijin is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



Electrical Field
(Bronze Skill: Active Ability)

Target an enemy, inflicting them with [Electrical Field], which deals a set amount of Elemental Damage per second to the target and all enemies in the surrounding area for a duration of seconds. Raijin gains a shield equal to a set percentage of each damage tick, which lasts for some seconds, and its duration is refreshed with each tick. The [Electrical Field] is tethered to the targeted enemy and moves with them.

When an enemy not afflicted by [Electrical Field] enters its area, both the entering enemy and the one affected by [Electrical Field] are Stunned for a set amount of time.

Additionally, each time an enemy with [Electrical Field] has a negative effect cleansed from them, they will receive a huge amount of Elemental Damage.


Electric Burst
(Silver Skill: Active Ability)

Targets 5 enemies, dealing a set amount of Elemental Damage. If the enemy possesses a shield, they receive a higher amount of Elemental Damage instead. Raijin gains a shield for a percentage of the damage dealt by this ability, lasting for a few seconds.

Enemies struck by this ability receive un-cleansable [Electrical Burst] for a set duration. This inflicts any hero healing them with damage equal to a percentage of the healed amount.

Should this ability destroy enemy shields, Raijin earns a stack of [Empowered], boosting all his damage sources by a percentage per destroyed shield for the remainder of the match. [Empowered] can stack up to 4 times.


Static Electricity
(Gold Skill: Passive Ability)

While Raijin is aiming, the enemy closest to his crosshair receives [Static Electricity], inflicting Elemental Damage per second when they are moving.
If the enemy hero has a shield while inflicted by [Static Electricity], they will receive a set amount of Elemental Damage per second, and Raijin will gain a permanent shield for a percentage of the damage done.

Additionally, if Raijin has an active shield, each shot causing damage will bounce to an enemy outside of cover or in an aiming position, dealing 100% of the original damage.


Quantum Surge
(Platinum Skill: Passive Ability)

When enemies are affected by [Electrical Field] or [Electric Burst], each shot or bounce shot grants Raijin a percentage of the damage dealt as a permanent Shield and adds a stack of [Quantum Surge] to the enemy hit:

At 6 stacks, enemies are Silenced for a set duration, doubled if affected by [Electrical Field] or [Electric Burst].
At 12 stacks, enemies are Stunned for a few seconds, with the duration doubled if affected by [Electrical Field] or [Electric Burst].
At 18 stacks, enemies receive [QuantumWarp], suffering a set amount of Elemental Damage per bullet shot for some seconds. The duration doubles if affected by [Electrical Field] or [Electric Burst], and all [Quantum Surge] stacks reset to 0 when [QuantumWarp] expires.

Additionally, Raijin’s basic attacks deal increased Damage for every Energy hero on his team. If Ronin is on Raijin’s team, both heroes gain this bonus.


Doing Damage
(Ruby Skill: Passive Ability)

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives an Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.

How can I get Raijin?

Raijin will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


Amazing lore and great looking hero. Might be adding him to my roster.


Along with the release of Raijin, please buff Ronin up, too…

Especially his plat skill, ‚Äėhonorbound‚Äô‚Ķ
It’s only effective if Ronin’s health surpassed the other allies’ health…
Maybe a buff for his initial health?

With all the new released heroes, it makes Ronin’s plat skill useless… Because newer heroes have higher health than him…


(starting letters of buffed heroes this update, Ronin was fully confirmed)



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I like him! I like seeing heroes have more roots to the established lore.


This hero makes a well timed entry to the meta. I had recently gone back into research for shield-breaking heroes to deal with you-know-who. This is a fantastic answer and I look forward to him challenging the existing line-ups.

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I love how they included Ronin, a character in my opinion open for great lore changes. And it is exactly stuff like this that makes it all feel more connected and makes the characters interesting. Cause to be honest, most designs are ruck. But to have good lore tied to them can alleviate that.

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I hope the C stands for Cast…

Once a PvP god-tier , but now just a patrol crates guard…

Really wish he can take on the seas of bullets in that suit. Doesn’t even need to buff his abilities really besides maybe duration. But to see him with the highest armor (lowkey has a suit capable of withstanding a tsunami) would be nice!

Kind of a strange scenario… your concept from 2 years ago getting a breath of life here.

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