Hero Spotlight: Revenant

Callidus subjects it’s Callidus (lol) and bokor like guy with parasite insect aka Syphon. Plus (maybe) Pariah – we don’t any direct info from devs, but common she is literally mutant.

I can’t imagine what the hero would be like if he had a void/black hole/galaxy skin.

Interesting concept. I don’t know how you guys juggle it all. Hope he/it is uncontrollably OP in the first month. I will be maxing and using it on extreme. Hope its animations includes some ethereal fog. Here is a preemptive attaboy/Good work

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Ursus is kind of bad, not tanky enough and damage output is low. I wonder if it would be the same for this new character…

It’s not. Its sports related. I agree it should’ve been goulish!

Revenant soaks up an incredible amount of damage in pvp. I only have him to plat+2 atm and he already at 23k at level 100/10stars with the Red skin. Very useful in pvp. I’m liking him.

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