Hero Spotlight: Pariah

Icon_ElementBio PARIAH

Faction_Shoremen SHOREMEN

Pariah, the “Creepy Outsider,” is… weird. She’s a Frontline fighter. She can cocoon herself to heal. She can play with the enemy’s mind, turning their Healing into Damage. She can turn invisible. When used properly, her oddity adds a unique flair to any team!

Primary Weapon - Sludge Chucker 4000

Skills Header


Bronze Ability


Pariah wraps herself in a Cocoon of flesh and recovers health per second for 5 seconds. While recovering, this Hero cannot be damaged or perform any actions.

Once emerged from the Cocoon she gains a charge of Frenzied and deals additional Attack Damage for each charge of Frenzied. Each charge lasts until the end of the mission.

Mind Flayer

Silver Ability


Pariah mentally attacks the enemy dealing an immediate amount of Elemental Damage and causes any Healing applied to the target to be turned into Elemental Damage for 5 seconds.


Gold Ability - Passive Skill


Enemies damaged by Mind Flayer have a 50% chance to also deal Elemental Damage to any ally (of the enemy) in the immediate area.


Platinum Ability - Passive Skill


Whenever an enemy is damaged by Contagion, Pariah becomes Cloaked for 5 seconds.

While this Hero is Cloaked by any means, they gain increased Elemental Attack Damage.

Tanked Up

Ruby Ability - Passive Skill


A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also to clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains an Elemental Armor bonus and deals additional damage to cover.

How can I get Pariah!?


Pariah will be available through the Gilded Crate!

What do you think of Pariah? Let us know in the comments!


So excited. Another gilded hero woot woot


Thanks again devs :).


Can’t wait! Looks like the best new tank in a good while… seems like this could put out some nice suppression…


50% chance to deal damage to an ally is a No! No!.

Thanks hothead, for creating another great hero!

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Extremely interesting. I’m betting she is responsible for Serial’s “accident”. She miscalculated the blast radius and was herself affected. :thinking:

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Looks amazing, love everything about it, very cool new concept to

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New shoreman? And they’re a tank? 36prJrM

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Looks interesting. I like the diversity of her abilities. Seems like Pariah will be a good tank hero. With her outfit an all, I honestly thought she was a Forged Fantasy character, (the horns especially). Can’t wait for her release! :grin:


Awesome… loving these new heroes. Best time of the month. :call_me_hand:t2:

Pariah sounds like the most unique hero so far and the combination could be endless.

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I would like to see the newer heroes into that direction. They would look more appealing.


Love the Forged Fantasy inspiration that went into this hero. Plus, any hero that uses unique skill icons is a win in my book. I look forward to her addition!

(P.S. When you think about it, a game that adds a cowgirl and an orc in the same update is a game worth looking into. Just sayin. :thinking:)


Super excited for yet another female hero!!! She looks amazing… thank you Devs for 2 awesome heroes this month and 2 factions :smiley:

Looks good. Her bio really says something. And her skills makes her a tricky opponent. I wonder if she’ll be good vs heroes with rapid heals? (looking at you, flat,keel, drake and heim!)
P.S. First gilded crate hero to not be klg or uaf

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Another new hero? And it’s a Shoremen faction? Yes please! Thanks devs!
(Also I would like to see Duran’s or Moss’s huge heals backfire on them hehehe :smiling_imp:)


double so for moss, if you ask me. Doesnt he damage himself to heal?

Can’t wait to see Keel and Duran backfire because of her LOL

Shoreman yesss! Very cool looking hero.