Hero Spotlight: S.O.M.A


Faced with emerging threats from the rising influence of Astral and Void individuals, the Patriots, determined to reclaim their technological warfare advantage, embarked on a daring project that would alter the course of their struggle in the post-collapse country. To maintain their dominance and uphold the ideals of the old country, they turned to their most brilliant minds and engineers to craft a secret weapon capable of tipping the balance in their favor.

At the core of their clandestine endeavor lay the creation of a formidable combat robot, a towering TriPod known as the “Self Operating Modular Annihilator” with “CODE name: Project: “S.O.M.A.”. The design of this war machine was fueled by an unconventional and perilous source: Corrupted Heronium. The Patriots believed that harnessing the untamed power of this substance could grant them the decisive edge they needed to realize their ambitions. With their experiments with Purified Heronium in its infancy, they had no other viable option.

The path to S.O.M.A.'s creation however was paved with death. The few remaining unredacted documents state that the Heronium, with its corrupting influence, drove the scientists working on the project to madness. From bloodlust to agonizing pain the effects varied however all cases were lethal. Hundreds of scientists working on the project had succumbed to the corruption in time due to prolonged exposure. But the Patriots persevered, driven by their unwavering determination to succeed.
Despite the dangers, scientists bravely persisted in working on the project, ready to sacrifice their lives for their ideals to become reality. With that The S.O.M.A. project was completed, at the cost of the lives of all but one scientist. Miraculously, a young female prodigy remained immune to the element’s corruption.

The turning point arrived when S.O.M.A. was activated, only to go rogue, its newfound power uncontrollable. The robot unleashed chaos, causing destruction to those who had labored so diligently to bring it to life. The patriots threw everything they had to stop it, and they succeeded with the cost of destroying its primary chipset used for its artificial intelligence. Desperation settled in as the Patriots grappled with the consequences of their creation.
It was during this dark hour that the young scientist who survived S.O.M.A.’s creation conceived an audacious plan. In her search for a solution, she came up with the idea to transfer her consciousness into the robot with an experimental technology, a project she was a part of before day Zero. Her unwavering dedication and corruption immunity would be the perfect fuel for the consciousness of the robot and she was ready to sacrifice herself in tribute to the scientists who had given their lives for the realization of the project.

The extraction and transfer of her consciousness into S.O.M.A. proved successful. The robot roared to life once more, but this time with a guiding spirit, its mechanical form pulsating with the volatile energy of Corrupted Heronium, an ever-present reminder of the dangers that lurked within.
S.O.M.A. became an indomitable force, embodying the Patriots’ unyielding resolve to reclaim technological supremacy. Yet, despite their success, the robot’s behavior occasionally grew erratic. Strange speeches and unpredictable actions hinted at ongoing inner battles, but it remained steadfast in its dedication to the cause. With S.O.M.A. leading the charge, the Patriots launched a new campaign to secure their position in the country. Their adversaries soon learned not to underestimate the Patriots, who now wielded a power capable of reshaping the world’s destiny.

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Faction: Patriots

Element: Void

Weapon: Miniguns (LMG)

S.O.M.A. is the newest 7-star Hero to join the battle!

Important Note:

Dear Hunters,

We want to inform you in advance that this Hero will drop only as a 7-star from all sources.
S.O.M.A. as a Hero is something completely new and unique in terms of art, design, and production, something our team hasn’t done until now. That’s why we have decided to change the direction of how she will be obtained from crates.

She will also be added to the 7-star crate in due time. Additionally, we will have some giveaways in our Discord Server on the day of the update and in the future, for some Most Wanted and 7-star crate tokens! Stay tuned!



Sentry Mode
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

This hero reroutes energy into her weapons, rooting and silencing herself, but gaining a huge number of stacks of [Sentry Mode] with bonuses that stack with each other. Each stack provides an increased % fire rate and with each shot fired, 1 stack is consumed.

Once all [Sentry Mode] stacks are used up, the root and silence are removed, and she receives a stack of [Overheat] which increases the hero’s basic attack damage by a big amount, but reduces her reload speed and movement by a small set percentage.

[Overheat] can accumulate up to 4 stacks.


Heat Conversion
(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

S.O.M.A. harnesses her overheating energy and unleashing it upon the enemy closer to her crosshair, dealing damage.

If the hero doesn’t have [Overheat] stacks, the initial damage of [Heat Conversion] is increased by a percentage and afflicts the enemy with [Plasmashocked], stunning them and increasing the damage they receive from all sources by a set percentage for some seconds.

If the hero does have [Overheat] stacks, this ability targets 5 additional targets and deals additional percentage damage based on the enemy’s maximum health per [Overheat] stack.

Upon ability use, all [Overheat] stacks are depleted, and the hero gains a shield for the total damage dealt up to a certain maximum amount of Shield Health for a set duration of seconds.


(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

When an [Overheat] charge is gained or removed, S.O.M.A. acquires a stackable shield with a certain amount of shield health for a duration of seconds and enters a state of [Hyperdrive] for that duration.

During [Hyperdrive], every shot that hits enemy’s health, inflicts additional damage equal to a percentage of the target’s maximum health. The [Hypperdrive] effect is non-stackable but its duration is refreshed with each new stack.

Additionally, after [Sentry Mode] has been cast, every time S.O.M.A. discharges a sequence of 25 bullets without reloading, she will gain a stack of [Overheat].


(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

While shielded, this hero becomes [Amplified], dealing huge amounts of additional elemental damage with each bullet.

Additionally, If this hero doesn’t have any [Overheat] charges, when she is stationary and not firing for 2 seconds she will gain Invisibility and receive a set percentage increased recharge speed of [Sentry Mode]. These bonuses are lost upon moving or shooting.

If this hero possesses [Overheat] charges, she instead gains a set shield amount per 2 seconds, which can accumulate up to a set amount of shield Health.


Executioner (NEW RUBY!)
(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

Enemies below 30% of their maximum health, receive an additional percentage of damage from this hero. This triggers only if this hero deals damage to the enemy’s health.

Each Level increases the Damage percentage by a set percentage.

How can I get S.O.M.A.?

S.O.M.A. will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


If you have missed S.O.M.A.'s teaser :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idMQo-wQc9o

Also, someone told me to leave this here, I shall not say who :smiley:

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I honestly just feel disappointed knowing I won’t be able to upgrade this awesome looking hero to a standard in which they’re usable for me unless I shill out some cash… Looks amazing tho and really well done for a new kind of hero like this model-wise.

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It would be nice if they raise the delay frag cap from 15 to 45 so that people would get a chance to get him if they max out the daily coop.





Seriously this was something very special from you guys… Really appreciated… Btw that binary code means I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING …

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Thank you for posting this as there’s so much nonsense chatter in discord.

Looks really neat! Well done team!

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It’s a really fun piece of hardware. I only have it to Gold and it’s living up to expectations. That “deal % of max health” feature is a noticeable bump in damage delivered. I have no idea ultimately what to pair this Hero with… right now I just add it to the current adventuring line and it melts bad guys au natural.

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