Hero Spotlight: Dias


Dias stood out from her siblings due to her lifelong fascination with technology. Ever since she was a child, she would spend hours tinkering with and fixing microelectronics, even creating simplified versions of her own. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed by her teachers, who recommended her for the C.H.E.M.S. program. Before long, she found herself interning there. Within a few short years, she had developed her own unique design of a remote-controlled drone. In time her first design served as the foundation for her revolutionary drone designs which enhanced drone tech to unseen before agility and energy efficiency line of drones capable of outstanding observation and photography. Even at her young age, she was an extraordinary scientist and engineer.

When Day Zero struck, almost nothing changed for her. She couldn’t find her family so staying put was the only option she had. Her lab sustained minor damage since it was located in the outskirts of a big city, and her colleagues were safe. As the world descended into chaos, they hunkered down, scavenging for supplies and focusing on technology that could assist them – from food growth systems and water purifiers to protective gear and weapons, all aimed at safeguarding themselves while aiding the world’s recovery.

Everything remained peaceful until one night when a lone intruder stormed the lab, ravaging everything in his way. he was unstoppable. Hiding in a ventilation shaft, Dias soon became the sole survivor among her group. Armed with her bracelet energy-based rocket weapon prototype, she prepared to sneak behind the intruder and assassinate him before she became his next victim. She succeeded in ambushing him without him noticing, However right before she intended to take the shot, an unexpected sight stopped her in her tracks – the intruder fell to his knees, clutching his head, screaming and crying as if he is agonized for what he has done. Instead, Dias remained hidden without pulling the trigger. She saw that there is something wrong with the person in question and before sealing his fate, her scientific curious mind wanted to find out, who he was and what was plaguing him.

After he departed, Dias gathered some provisions and set off after him, maintaining a cautious distance while closely observing him. She managed to survive by pilfering some of his food and water, but her luck eventually ran out. One night as she rummaged through his supplies, he caught and restrained her. Despite her struggles, she was no match for his strength. On the brink of death, Dias summoned her courage and locked eyes with him, only to witness profound sorrow and despair. He revealed his story, the uncontrollable curse of the void that was inside of him. He told her that he cannot control himself and that he is dangerous. To her surprise, he let her go and told her to never come back. Despite this Dias couldn’t leave it at that and decided to stick with him. After all “Curses” do not exist and she was determined to find the scientific reason behind this man’s plight and maybe even help him overcome it. He attempted to chase her away several times, but realizing that it was futile, he allowed her to follow him.
For months, they roamed together, getting to know each other and scavenging remnants of the old world. With time, Dias became accustomed to his outbursts, recognizing that he couldn’t control himself. Even in the most critical moment, when he was seconds away from ending her life, she managed to bring him back to his senses. It was clear he needed a cure, and she was determined to set him free. So, they made the decision to join the only faction that would accept him and possessed the necessary technology to help, KLG.

Faction: KLG


Element: Energy


Weapon: Hand Launchers

Dias is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!



Rocket Barrage
(Bronze Skill - Active Ability)

Deal damage to a few enemies and Disorient them for a few seconds.

Whenever an enemy gets hit by this ability there is a chance that the target will take additional damage and will be Stunned for a few seconds.


(Silver Skill - Active Ability)

Deal damage to a few enemies, completely destroying the target’s shields.

If a shield is destroyed this hero receives increased critical chance and Invisibility for a few seconds.


Feed The Fire
(Gold Skill - Passive Ability)

Each time this hero makes a critical hit, she receives increased attack damage, reload speed, and attack speed for a few seconds. This effect cannot be triggered again if it is already active.

When this hero damages a Disoriented enemy with her basic attack, it will deal additional damage.


(Platinum Skill - Passive Ability)

Every bullet she fires has a chance to surge through the enemy and hit additional target/s dealing damage and damage per second for a few seconds.

Additionally, this hero has an increased critical chance when shooting Stunned enemies.


Doing Damage
(Ruby Skill - Passive Ability)

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as a Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.

How can I get Dias?

Dias will be obtainable through crates and co-op Raids!


Finally! New energy hero after long time…Thanks to deca team

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Now that backstory… that’s worth a 10!
Props to whoever wrote that!

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Is she frontline hero? Looks like that :grinning:

She seems to be a midline dps hero.

Dear developers, an error has been made in the description. You have a badge of the hero’s faction that is not “KLG”, while you have signed that the new hero is from the “KLG” faction. If you pay close attention to the fact that the “KLG” faction is not alone in the game.

Kurtz lawgivers short form is KLG. She would have been more specific if it’s the other two factions.