Hero Spotlight: Quasary


Before Day Zero, Peacekeeping Android Ver. 9.7 was one of the most widely spread Peacekeeping androids in the world. They were built with limited AI, and their prime directive stating that their purpose was to protect people from harm. Designed to be purely defensive and preemptive, they had no offensive capabilities. Their function was to spot potential crimes, record them and notify authorities while keeping people safe. They were commonly used by the police for guarding public areas, by fire departments for fire suppression, and by EMS for carrying heavy equipment and transporting patients.

Once day Zero Happened, due to the population’s shifting priorities they were the first thing that the survivors scrapped for parts. All of these androids, once ever-present, were thought to be extinct only a month after Day Zero. However, one did manage to survive, abandoned in the rubble of a building. With no sunlight to fuel her power cells, she soon ceased to function.

Recently, a group of scavengers found her while sifting through the building’s rubble. Placing her motionless body near a pile of other scavenged equipment, they patched her solar panels up with the idea to make her operational again so they could sell her on the Black Market. After a few minutes, she booted up, her memory corrupted, only capable of limited “AI consciousness” and slight head movement. She could not truly move or communicate. While patching up the rest of her body by using Heronium as a substitute for some of her complex alloy parts, a strange slight hue started to emit from it when it was connected to her memory core.
While the Scavengers were investigating the phenomena, a group of bandits attacked them. The Android helplessly watched how the bandits murdered the group, everyone except a single survivor. In order to extract information, they started torturing him right in front of the Android, completely unaware that she was operational. As she helplessly watched, the heronium hue emitting from her memory core started to increase and something changed in her. The sheer dominance of her standard protocol to protect innocent people, manifested itself and became a want and was no longer a must. Emotions started to manifest themselves, something her standard AI Core should not be capable of. Her once shambled body started to glow in a bright yellow light where the heronium was spreading and she regained control and much more even…. she gained consciousness.
Grabbing the nearest weapon, a scavenged bow, she pointed it at the bandits, something in full violation of her programming. The yellow haze seemed to imbue itself in the bow and arrow, and her intention to protect the Scavenger manifested as a protective barrier around him, which also seemed to be mending his wounds and injuries. The bandits quickly scattered and ran for their lives without looking back. The grateful scavenger gave the Android a name — “Quasary” — and revealed that he belonged to a faction named “The Watch” which does everything in their power to help and protect.

Having witnessed that she wielded the power of the “Astral” element for the good of humanity, he asked her to join him and his Faction, to join forces in making the world a better place. Finding herself as a conscious entity with strange powers in an even stranger world, Quasary chose to accept his offer. Quickly becoming known as a prominent member of “The Watch”, she continued to help and protect humanity, this time by her own volition.

Faction: The Watch

Element: Astral

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

A peacekeeping AI android before Day Zero, Quasary was rebuilt by a group of survivors using purified heronium. Acquiring true consciousness and strange new powers, she continues her mission to help and protect humanity, though this time around it’s her choice to do so.

Quasary is the newest 5* Hero to join the battle.



Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Fires an imbued arrow at an enemy, causing Elemental Damage and applying Repentance to the target and the closest to them enemy for a duration of seconds.

When an enemy with Repentance takes damage from any source, a percentage of the damage received is also dealt to all other enemies that have Repentance.

All damage done by Repentance ignores 50% of enemy shields.

Silver_AstralEnchant (1)

Astral Enchant
Silver Skill - Active Ability

Quasary augments her bow for a duration of seconds, making each arrow deal additional elemental damage and knock back enemies. If the enemy has Repentance, each arrow hit will stun them for a duration of seconds instead of knocking them back.

Additionally, while Astral Enchant is active, 100% of the damage done by Quasary’s bow will give a shield for the same amount to the 2 lowest health allies. The shield health can stack and has a duration of seconds which refreshes with each stack.

Gold_RighteousPresence (1)

Righteous Presence
Gold Skill - Passive Ability

When Quasary or an ally acquires a shield from any source, they’ll receive Righteous Presence which increases their damage, attack speed by a percentage, reload speed by percentage and grants them health regeneration, healing per second as long as the shield persists.

Additionally, all bow hits caused by Quasary to enemies afflicted by Repentance will now heal the 2 lowest health allies for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Platinum_DivineProtection (2)

Divine protection
Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

If Quasary doesn’t take any damage for a duration of seconds, she will gain a charge of Divine protection that applies a shield on her. This can stack up to 5 charges.

Additionally, If Quasary or any ally receives more than a percentage of Quasary’s total health as damage in less than a few seconds, they receive Divine Intervention which applies a massive shield with a duration of seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 18 seconds per hero.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this Hero’s skills to start 100% charged. This Hero also gains a certain amount of Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

How can I get Quasary?

Quasary will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


This hero is amazing! A great lore story as well as a good aesthetic look! I will definitely enjoy that gold ability with a shield team!
(Assuming your gonna need two bonus factions, will you consider making the rangers the second bonus faction?)

Definitely gonna need to add this hero to my roster!


Looks cool. Respectfully though, this will be the 7th Astral hero. There are only 3 Void heroes. Is there a plan to level the playing field soon?

Also, could we get an update as to when Astral/Void frags will be available in the Heronium store?



Another astral Archer

Yah yah we know, been a problem for how long by now? Lol, they still haven’t done it which most likely means there’s a reason


Is that certain person from the watch yeager?


Purified heronium is easier to produce in mass industrial quantity rather than corrupted heronium which is hard to make, more unstable and dangerous to work with.


I’m very impressed with the new hero + skill set, faction choice, and the lore, keep it up Team DECA.

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would you DECA consider general fragments also available for astral and void hero not just mechanics, bio, and energy, heroes :feeling hopeless:


Aren’t we all, lots of players are even leaving now since whenever a astral or void hero is added it isn’t even worth it to them anymore, there’s isn’t much worth to working on a hero that has very low stars…


Kudos to the creator of the lore story, it intriguing and interesting to read, and the hero gold skill would work perfectly along side Phalanx and Butter.

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I must agree, I believe that there needs to be some way to get frags for void and astral. It’s becoming a problem to where if you don’t 10 star them at first it might be forever until you can. I appreciate the new heroes but I would love to see some changes for that!


Great lore, love the hero, but the element is killing it why astral when we all knw it will be near impossible to up her stars


Reopening the topic. It was brought to my attention that “ignores shield” part of the description of Bronze Skill - Repentance might be a bit confusing.

So here’s how it works: If you have 2 enemies affected by Repentance, it’s the 2nd one (the one that takes a redirected part of the damage) that is affected by the 50% chance for shield ignore.