Hero Spotlight: Spewage

Icon_ElementBio SPEWAGE

A scientific prodigy and hailed as a genius from an young age expectations for Spewage were already high. His singular goal: the next step in Human Evolution.
Success was not easy but it did come, after a series of questionable experiments he made a breakthrough.

When he presented his findings he was met with nothing but contempt and horror. His life’s work dragged by those with lesser vision. Officials went to great lengths to bury his reputation and findings, to make sure he would never step into a laboratory again. But with Day Zero happening, things changed.

Finding a new home with the Morlocks, he was able to continue his work. His values aligned with theirs, and with no high moral rules to hold him back Spewage is ready to do anything and everything in the name of science and human ‘evolution’.


SPEWAGE The “Science Mastermind” is the newest 7* Hero to join the Hunt. Orchestrate your enemies’ demise by dealing devastating attacks and affecting them with toxins!

Weapon - Virvulent Spreader


Nano Toxins

Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Spewages creates a cloud of toxic nanoparticles to cover all enemies in the target area in toxic ashes. The movement speed of the affected enemies is slowed by 50% for a number of seconds and they receive biochem damage per second.

For each enemy affected by Nano, Toxins Spewage receives additional Health for the remainder of the match.

Spewage Storm

Silver Skill - Active Ability

Spewage Sacrifices a percentage of his maximum health to unleash a toxic breath that deals an equal amount of damage in a huge area to enemies.

This damage is doubled to enemies affected by Nano Toxins, but end the effect of Nano Toxins immediately.

Volatile Toxins

Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Whenever the affect of Nano Toxins ends, there is 50% chance for a small toxin explosion. This explosion deals biochem damage in a small area.

Toxic Affinity

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability

Allows some of Spowages Ability damage to bypass enemy shields.

Spewage receives extra health at the start of each match.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this heroes’ skills to start partially charged. This Hero also gains extra Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

How to get Spewage?!

Spewage will be available in Crates, through Co-op Raids, and through an Urgent Mission Event!

What do you think of Spewage? Let us know down below!


3/5 for post decoration

He seems promising. Can’t wait to see how much chaos he brings into the battlefield

Spewage has copied fiber ruby. He can be deadly if skill got charged right at starting of match. Along with krieger, enemy are virtually rooted

This hero looks awesome!
It’s the perfect mix between a hard counter to the current meta and the versatility to be paired with other teams. Getting him will open up a lot of possibilities for the game.
I look very much forward to having this hero released! Superb work!:heart:

2 out of 5 for post decoration.

His attack skills got similarity with Stygia? Or i am wrong

but when will the update come

They said that this week…so we hope…

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I also want from you to fix the 4-cep & Obrez health(XP) issue
sometimes they died immedietely