New hero concept borus Stinky god of morlocks


Before the pollution starts, borus plans his own stint to became a morlocks factional god


Bronze ability- dark cycle

Borus and his faction morlocks are now invisible to your battlefield for 15 seconds. Last until the next power.

Silver ability - toxic reaction

Borus selects a morlocks hero to prevent from massive enemy attacks for 6 minutes and last up to 10 minutes.

Gold ability - invisible ghouls

The (dark cycle) is now 80% darker and increase the duration for 5 minutes.

Platinum ability - poisonous battlefield

(Toxic reaction) is now increase the duration from 6 to 10 minutes and last up to 12 minutes.

Ruby ability - toxic pioneer

This factional god will now dealing 6933 damage per game.

Diamond ability - toxic devastation

Every Morlocks heroes are now dealing extra 53899 damage per game.

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