Hero Spotlight: Stygia

Icon_ElementVoid STYGIA


Stygia, “Reborn Chaos”, joins the hunt! A living embodiment of a nightmare, Stygia dominates the arena through restriction of movement and control.

Primary Weapon - Exterminator

Skills Header

Wicked Quagmire

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Stygia calls upon a darkness from the sky dealing Element Damage to enemies and creates a miasma cloud that persists in the area for 12 seconds.

Enemies in the miasma lose 80% of their movement speed, are silenced, and become marked with Wicked Quagmire.

Decay Theory

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Stygia transmits a burning pain to the enemy, dealing Elemental Damage and Stunning the target for 10 seconds.

If Decay Theory is used while any Enemy Hero is Marked with Wicked Quagmire, the skill is instantly refreshed (no cooldown).


Gold Skill - Passive Ability


When an enemy is killed, Stygia heals for all damage she’s caused, but will take 120% more damage for the next 5 seconds.


Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


When brought under 50% Health, Stygia gains a shield. The shield lasts for 15 seconds or until destroyed.

This ability can retrigger each time she falls under 50% Health.

Dealing Damage

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero receives an Elemental Damage bonus as well as a 30% skill charge boost to their Bronze skill.

How can I get Stygia??

crate raid

Stygia will be available through Crates and Co-op Raids!

flourish 2

What do you think of Stygia? Let us know in the replies!


interesting hero. is she a void hero?

Yes! Will add the element in there, whoops

does she have any relationship with Maven/Siren?

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Interesting hero. Still disappointed in the reused FF animation though.

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afraid pepe

I get ya jado after kier knew it was no more FF heroes and I was still hoping for barrage. Please please let this update come with anvil buff

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Very interesting kit. I like the roulette of having to choose between getting healed, but also getting punished by a defense debuff.

Since it always comes up when klg bonus. It’s kurtz lawgivers not klg irregulars or klg black ops

It’s her gold skill that heals normally passive skill I don’t get how you activate the skill to heal unless it’s not passive. Or is it when you use quagmire or decay theory

Oop, let me update. This is triggered when an enemy is killed

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so is this Kurtz Law Giver or KLG Black Ops?

When would we have another hero from klg BLACK OPS? It seems they have stopped recruiting for that department lol

Thanks Skathi, really hope we have another DEVastation event still haven’t gotten the chance to duel you.

Kinda getting some ventress vibes

So whats the upgradable point of this skill? Everything looks constant to me

Could be the duration, she takes more damage 1 second per 10 levels, yeah not beneficial but lol

Will she be available in the MW crate as previous new heroes for a chance vs the usual co op grind?

Maybe it will be a limit to the damage heal that you upgrade or something along those lines.

The Black Ops finally get themselves a hero. Caine is relieved.