Hero’s Buff, Nerf, and Revamp Ideas!

Hey y’all!
First time making a topic but I want it to be a good one!
The following heros aren’t considered as good as they could be be and might need a buff at some point, tell me what you think!

Chesterfield!: his gun is pretty good but doesn’t hold up well in the long run, Amy idea is to have it be a Double Bsrrel Shotty, perhaps like 6-8 shells can come out and have it have low spread but high recoil, this way he is actually useful at ruby levels and l in general, become useful, he’s a 5 star for Pete’s sake!

Fortress!: this hero was a great staple of a balanced hero, however has become less useful as time went on, I think that he needs a 50% less dmg but 50% faster firerate, additionally his heal will heal for double and his dmg from the heal will be half, giving his heal an actual use rather than making
him useless for 10 seconds, also this hero should be able to attack in some way during his heal

Stygia!: this hero has become a little too powerful if you know what I mean, so rather than nerf her; how about a slight revamp? All players would be refunded for every single thing put into her, stamina, frags, good, buckx, and the heros abilities would retain the same animations but new features, including the following, her bronze ability would retain the slowness effect on heros who pass through the effect, but the ability no longer damages heros, instead, for any amount of heros in the effect, the hero heals for an amount, for instance if the hero was 6 bar ruby and the ability was maxed then she would heal for 125,000 for every enemy in it every second, it would last for 10’seconds, and slows enemies speed by 50%, if a enemy dies inside the effect this hero gains some perks t max health,
Her silver would be changed to a silence and deals double the normal dmg, or maybe even triple, and will not be able to charge will an enemy is effected by it, if it is cleansed it will start charging, her platnium as we all know may be a decimal point or 2 too high, I think this ability should maybe be changed, if so, I think this would be really cool, when this hero dies, they are revived after 20 seconds, this ability is permenant, and the hero is revived with (health) and the only way to win is to kill everyone else,

The final change would be the make this hero has 30 ammo rather than 10, and have 20% slower firerate, also has more base dmg, making her gun a requirement, finally, this hero has a more accurate bit of and doesn’t hide completely behind a half a barrier, that would be nice,

Verril!: nerf idea, although this hero is useful in many ways, in pvp he shred through enemies, the only thing I see is that if he kills a Hero” or Boss” then he stops trigger happy, that way a team isn’t wiped in seconds

Finally, I just want to say these are my ideas, and I would love to see yours as well! Share them down below and other heros you think need a buff, nerf, or revamp!

(The only reason anyone would be against a stygia nerf is bc they can’t win without her, she’s just a five star and a void, she should resemble kier in some way and not be a god,)

No hero needs a nerf. Please stop nerfing heros every hero has a counter. Stygia Is very beatable. I beat her all the time with out using her.


She is beatable in some ways, but unless you have certain heros it’s impossible, she is ruining pvp in some ways, please except that I don’t fully think she needs a nerf, but every time I say she’s op, instantly people come and say no, 90% of the time they use her constantly, they just don’t want to have to learn to play the game rather than leave it on autoplay, she does need a cooldown for the sheild and the stun if anything, but right now as it stands, she is too powerful, she is unbalanced and does in fact need something to be done, I am against a nerf but not a revamp and refund so some players (who mostly abused her power) could get everything back, good, stamina, cash, etc…

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Final thing I want to say;

There are always going to be heros who need nerfs at some point and ones who need buffs, take scum and perhaps stygia, scum, garbage, stygia, best in the game, she shouldn’t have been like this to begin with, I hope understands it takes 0 skill to use her, they can’t do anything without her bc she’s all they have, , I wish it was all balanced so this wouldn’t happen but change is a necessity of life itself, we adapt, we overcome, , none the less, let’s not just focus on stygia, but also other heros you think need “changes” rather than buffs or nerfs, bc that always makes ppl mad,

For instance, how could we fix the doing dmg ruby ability? Some heros have disadvantages from it and others have benefits, maybe it should be dmg per second and be a lot more, so not just smg heros are in favor over people like bolt,

I stand by original comment.


I’m sorry to say this but hero hunters is dead, we were promised the Easter hunt and it’s well past a month since it was “announced” this probably will be my last post as well since I probably will stop playing this game soon and that’s after playing this game for over 4 years. Then again it doesn’t matter what I say since I’m one person

Please dont nerf heroes; instead buff older heroes

If u will nerf heroes ; atleast make an option available to reuse the resources spent on that hero somewhere else; such as an option to turn the hero back to green and reuse the resources spent.
Lol cant think the irony if stygia got nerfed, after recently available for purchase again; previously when good heroes got released and after spenting resources when they got nerfed and became useless or not so used anymore; felt like a slap to face; one of the reasons i stopped spending money on the game.

Stygia doesn’t need nerfed

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But, she does… I mean, come on, it’s just so obvious, she is more powerful than she ever should have been in the first place, at least put a cooldown on the stun and the sheild, or make the stun a silence

You ask for nerf because you can’t win. Then when you need her the most, you ask for buff because you can’t win.

I ain’t ever gonna ask for a buff for her, stygia is the most controversial for many people only because they can’t win a game without her, they don’t understand there is a thing like not using autoplay, they just want the easiest way out, but as it stands, she should not have been this powerful in the first place, ever, she needs a “Revamp & Refund”, that way everyone could get items back if they don’t like her anymore,

finally, there is nothing in the world that is perfect, buffs or nerfs, they might always be needed, maybe just adjustments, but some things just don’t fit, stygia is unhealthy for the game and causes many problems, you can’t save her for last because she instantly stuns any hero who poses a threat, FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH, additionally, her sheild is on decimal point to high, compare it to pheonix’s sheild which has much less health and can’t be retriggered,

Basic ways to solve current issues, add delay to stun, one hero at a time, can’t charge while someone is affected, better yet, just make it a silence, and give the sheild a cooldown,

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The issue isn’t with Stygia or Verrill. The issue is with matchmaking. People that run for example, Ruby Verrill + Ruby Matador will often times get matched with a team of all 5 platinum because matchmaking is currently set up by power. If DECA were to say instead of match making by total power, but by the MEAN power, that 2 man team ruby team would potentially face 5 rubies and you will see people’s habit change very quickly. Stygia/Verrill in a balanced pvp matchups with all ruby or all platinum is pretty well balanced. Stygia/Verrill in a min/max setup, is unbalanced, not because of their power, but because of how people tweak it to take advantage of the system.

look at this as an example from something someone posted in discord:

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May i remind people stygia is suppose to SILENCE people with her bronze. Thankfully she doesnt, but she is still a problem in pvp. She can literally heal and shield herself as a dps hero. Why aren’t other dps heroes like this? Give ryker a 3m shield, replace his platinum with a healing abilities and put that extra damage into his base damage. We have shielders and healers for a reason people. One person should not be able to everything. That is unbalanced. She may have counters but guess what, i ran a whole team that can counter stygia and she stunned her counters and wiped them off the face of the planet, Making her the counter to her counters. She needs change. Verrill is actually fine when you run someone like wesson.


Lets stick to the idea of having one hero do everything. Put verrills gold with his silver, give him a max out 3m shield in his gold and leave platinum as a self cleansing shield and healing for each negative effect he cleases. Now imagine trying to fight that. We have diversity for a reason. If everyone could do everything we would all be doing the same stuff and complain about the lack of variety in team compositions.

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I knew I wasn’t the only person who thought this way, normally pvp is being abused and is showing the problem that we have, and feel like if you have a team of 3 heros you should match with other teams of 3, the current system is a little broken and contrasts that of the campaign, pvp is the heart of the game but campaign makes it all playable, we need balance, stygia is not that, for instance,

can verrill sheild please not cleanse at least, and can stygias stun be a silence, and her sheild have a cooldown, finally, can some extreme missions be looked into, I hear players are having trouble on some, especially after fiber got nerfed,

@BasherBenDawg how far into extreme are you?

I don’t use extreme nor play it, I just hear a lot of people are having trouble on it, that’s why I brought it up, perhaps something could be done to revamp it?

You’re going to want to enter Extreme someday and you will regret ever asking for a nerf on anyone when that day comes.

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To be honest, from what I have heard it sound like extreme needs a nerf, maybe I will make a topic suggesting a new revamp for it, i she. An idea of 2,