Stygia Changes

Hello Hunters!

Stygia is getting some modifications. All changes were monitored by the KLG and carried out by our expert game master, Sami. :smirk:

He wanted to explain his work on Stygia, so we will shut up for a bit and give him the stage. :clap:

“Hey everyone, I am Sami, a game master, part of the Designer team working on Hero Hunters and I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding Stygia.

I want to start by saying that my own goal when designing skills and balancing heroes is to find the middle ground between each hero’s pros and their cons. I try to design skills and balance in a way that allows new heroes to excel in what they are good at, while at the same time having clearly defined weaknesses that can be countered by savvy players.

Stygia currently seems to excel at everything with barely any room for counter play. She can deal high amounts of Single target and AOE damage, while having significant crowd control and survivability. To the point where she beats the survivability of some tank heroes, and exceeds the healing of some supports with her life steal ability.

Since she is a damage dealer, we decided to avoid tuning down her damage skill. The main balancing issue we pinpointed was mainly in that she has high survivability and a lot of crowd control. By toning down those strengths, she remains a top rank damage dealer while making it so that she needs to be protected a little more in order to be effective.

We monitor player feedback very closely, and the biggest concern that we heard from the community is that she is a must pick for extreme missions precisely because of her survivability.

Due to this, we tried to balance between the feedback from the PVP community and the Extreme mission community in a way that got us to tune down both her survivability and crowd control by a small margin, instead of reducing either trait by a large one.

We always appreciate your detailed feedback, and it greatly informs how we go about game balancing! We’d be happy to see you test Stygia after her modifications and share your input with us! Thank you for your attention and for being such a passionate and awesome community.”

:arrow_right: No Changes


BRONZE ABILITY: Wicked Quagmire


:black_small_square: Calls upon a darkness from the sky dealing 156,167 Damage every second to enemies in the area. The miasma persists for 10 (was 12) seconds. Enemies in said cloud lose 70% (was 80%) of their movement speed, are silenced and are marked with WICKED QUAGMIRE



:black_small_square: Transmits a burning pain to the enemy, dealing 52,056 damage and stunning for 8 (was 10) seconds.
:black_small_square: If Decay Theory is used while an enemy hero is marked with Wicked quagmire the skill is instantly refreshed



No Changes

:black_small_square: If an enemy is killed, this hero senses their fear. This hero will now heal for all damage they cause but will take 120% more damage for the next 15 seconds



:black_small_square: When brought under 40% (was 50%) health, Stygia gains a shield for 4,310,468 (was 7,184,113) damage. The shield lasts 10 (was 15) seconds or until destroyed.
:black_small_square: The ability can retrigger each time this hero falls under 40% (was 50%) health.

RUBY ABILITY: Doing Damage


No Changes

:black_small_square: The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a 27,953 Elemental Attack Damage bonus, as well as 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.


(Casually sheds tear…) thank you… they actually listened! Ima go buy myself a cake to celebrate

Edit; one thing I would have loved to see is her stun be changed to a silence, but have a longer run time, I feel like a silence fits the void category,


Hmm, the squeaky wheel gets the grease??!!

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Its about time. Thank you! Also during this change will her bronze actually silence people like the skill says?

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I’m more in favor of buff rather than nerf a hero. Stygia has been around over 6 months. If she is OP and was nerfed straightaway, no problem. However, for those who really plays her, huge amount resources have been put into her, which is wasted, just because someone who doesn’t play her complained. For that, I think it is unfair. Btw, my stygia is just decent, not spectacular, so I’m rather neutral


I would have preferred some kind of revamp over a nerf, but for now, she’s is still spectacular in power, still have massive dmg for her quarmine and still has a killer stun, plus a extremely strong sheild, with infinite redos, she is still a good hero, not the god of the game anymore, but a must for anyones roster,

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And then there went me spending money now

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always good to see necessary adjustments. she wasnt nerfed to the point of being useless, but a minor tweak. cant wait to see these changes in game.

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Haha. Whaletasstic… I refuse to spend another dime until we can “buy” sum skin bags for these guys… Some people got locked up skins On display like an ironman suit display… smh

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Or just make her not able to use in pvp events

I think I would’ve preferred you buffed a few heroes to match her strength. We will need that strength she has as we move on in extreme missions which is what I believed was the whole reasoning behind her power. :man_shrugging:t6:

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Another hero nerfed because of the woke brigade. Easily beatable no need to nerf because some of the cry babies didnt unlock her.


People that spent real hard earned money to max Stygia should ask for a refund.


She’s not garbage now, she’s still a really good hero, especially in power, I understand the refund view, and partially agree, people who don’t like the change should be able to get all cores and items and cash back,

I would like a full refund because iv spent alot of money on this game and you all keep taking away what ive built in game its not fair to nerf heros we pay for if thats the case why play the game i want all my money back


Basher you shouldnt be alliwed to say anything on this subject your the reason she got nerfed


On the update release make sure to nerf new hero as well you nerf others for no reason so nerf new hero at release ae well


I like the alterations made. Nothing drastic was changed, just something small, as it should be. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

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She had it coming lol

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Calling people woke for not liking Stygia is the funniest thing I’ve seen on the forums in a long time.

I’m not on either side of this Stygia situation, but it’s nice to see DECA making changes to the game, overall. Seems like they’re moving past coding issues and are now focusing on showing the community some actions over just words. I dig it.