Hero Spotlight: Sheshen

Icon_ElementBio SHESHEN


Sheshen, the “Interdimensional Guardian”, joins the Hunt! A guardian sent from Teraventa, Sheshen is an expert in providing aggressive support and unique combat options.

Weapon - Fan



Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Sheshen releases a blade of energy across the battlefield, dealing Damage to the first enemy hit. This ability deals 2 times the damage to every new enemy it hits, up to 4 times the original damage amount.

Corrupt Roots

Silver Skill - Active Ability


This Hero Roots and enemy, preventing them from moving for an amount of time.

Total Control

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


The Hero Heals by an amount of Health every second for every Rooted enemy.

Continued Torment

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


If an enemy affected by Corrupt Roots attacks this Sheshen, their Rooted duration is reset to max and Sheshen gains a significant chance to evade for an amount of time.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


The Hero gains an Armor bonus and an increased chance to Dodge.

How can I get Sheshen??


Sheshen will be available through Crates!


What do you think of Sheshen? Let us know down below!


is this an actual oc hero?

i dont rember ever seen her in ff

Our first Teraventa hero who isn’t from FF. I knew it will happen eventually. Excited to test her out. Glad that I was working on Teraventa heroes. Hope we see her sister in the near future.

So she is like a geisha


First new terraventa hero! This is so freaking awesome! The design looks fabulous. Really loving the color scheme mix and the outfit. Looking forward to this update!:heart_eyes:


Glad to see a new Teraventa hero that’s not from FF. I’m sure y’all could guess what I’d say about the character model and animation. lol
On a different note, a request for the Devs. - Please add Sheshen to FF as well. It would hurt to have a new character created for the FF storyline but only be used in HH.

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New? Look like advanced version of Briar, but I glad to see new hero with Roots effect – we have lack of character with it.

@J_A_D_O To be fair, she is the HH-side gatekeeper, she’s never on the FF side. Although a HH-style hero in FF who crossed over would be cool.


I see what your saying, but (storyline-wise) she had always been in Teraventa, before traveling here to protect her end of the portals, we just never saw her.
Look at Jackal and Venom for example, playable characters in FF even though (storyline-wise) they left Teraventa over a year ago, and are now permanent additions to our HH rosters. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

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Doesn’t physically look anything alike. Kit doesn’t have any noticeable similarities either…She is new


She will be available through crates…
Means it will be another new hero that we can get through co-op (perhaps, her sister, Hu Shen)??

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Mid FF hero again, not surprised tho

Mid FF hero? What do you mean by that?

We getting this one too?

Quite fascinated with teraventa heroes and Sheshen looks cool too. @ Skathi, would you please increase FF token finding probability please …please. please… A request.


Is it me or is the descriptions for the silver, gold, platinum, and ruby skills appear to be lacking pertinent information stop such as percentages, durations, etc.? It looks like this info was left off. Please update the description of these skills. Thanks.

It is with all hero spotlights. It’s just a general showcase of the new heroes, they don’t put their stats in there. And i’m glad they don’t

Huh? Go look at Hikari’s skills. They have percentages and durations included. Why are these not included with Sheshen? This too me seems someone got lazy or was pressed for time and didn’t finish the description before the hero was posted.

It is very depending on what stat they’re showing. I see where your point comes from though. Lately there has been some lazy. And incredibly tilting writing, but the hero spotlights are written by someone else who knows what they’re doing

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A value for a skill is only written if it doesn’t change when the skill is leveled up.