How do stat modifiers work?

Hi just as above I was wondering how the stat modifiers work? If anyone could shed some light on this it would be great.
And also the damage per second. After playing a while I’d assumed this would be damage per shot but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Someone like hemlock for instance only has 3 shots per clip. I cant seem to work back with a formula from The damage dealt to the damage listed in the hero info screen.

Unfortunately this is one of the great mysteries of the universe, like walking on water, turning water into wine, and why the Kardashians have a TV show. The developers commented in another thread that they prefer to keep the mechanics behind a veil so you can base your perceptions on game play, rather than skew your experience by providing raw data.


:joy: Beautiful. Thank you for so succinctly calling out their hilariously misdirected failure as developers.


Who wants data anyway? Is not like the community asked for any data :smiley:

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Dps iz based on damage per shot multipled by rate of fire.

Not including reload time and magazine size makes Dps Stat really unreliable for heroes with long reloads or low magazines (mostly snipers)

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@GTSaiko The stats shown on the gun summary pages actually DOES include reload time. So the displayed dps is actually equal to

{ [damage/shot]*[mag size] } / { [time to empty a full mag]+[reload time] }

So it’s actually an accurate representation of the damage you’re outputting over the course of constant firing/reloading.

I have a hard time believing that.

Nightingale attack speed is 0.5 projectiles/sec (or 2 secs per attack). Her damage per shot (32,333) is exactly the double than her damage per second (16,166), which means the formula used is

  • Damage per shot * Fire rate = Damage per second

You can just look at nao’s Razorback picture.

3,860 * 4.99 = 19,261 (Its not exactly the same because damage per shot probably has hidden decimals that are not being rounded)

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Yup that was what I wrote. Makes Oro’s gun suck so much. Only one shot and not that fast reload time

Exactly. Heroes with low magazines/long reload have actually way lower DPS than stated.

Nightingale’s DPS is actually half than stated in the stat window. Heroes with lasting magazines (like Fortress) or quick reloads (like Priss) have way more accurate DPS stats.

There’s exceptions for single-shot magazines. I have a spreadsheet calculating all of this already :stuck_out_tongue: With time-to-clear-mag, full cycle time, dps including reload, and dps not including reload all laid out.

So yes, you’re correct for Gale, as well as Artemis, Oro, etc. But they’re the exceptions to the rule, not the rule.

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Where is this spreadsheet? I need it :joy:

Alliance property sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Look at the Razorback’s dps. Is literally damage*fire rate.

Exactly. But that Fire Rate is based on full cycle time, including reload. (With exceptions for single-shot heroes)

Razorback’s RoF approaches 4.99 shots/sec over a long period of time, but if you fire one mag from full to empty, with no reload, his RoF is 6.35 shots/sec

But I’m in your alliance

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(I gotta admit that I tested this really badly at first. You are actually right and the rate of fire includes reload time. Sorry if I sounded like a know-it-all)

But this makes single-shot heroes (like Nightingale or Oro) dps look better than it actually is, isnt it?

@GTSaiko No worries at all haha I see where you were coming from.

Actually, not quite. Since the RoF that’s given includes reloading (for all heroes), there’s no difference there for single-shot heroes versus any other. The only difference is with the non-reload RoF, since for a single-shot hero, we’d be looking at an undefined value. So for the shown dps(incl. reload), everything is accurate. You only run into exceptions once you’re taking it further with calculations since otherwise you have a divide-by-zero condition.

Thanks that makes it a bit clearer