Reworked Hero Concept: Frost - The Ice Queen (c)


I know, I know, heroes like this are galore and even if I change the message it’s always the same.
But besides that, I’m also giving her an alternative version for Forged Fantasy and since there’s still no forum for FF, I post it here

Element: Energy
Faction: Rangers

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

I hate puns

Through various devices, this girl is able to freeze the battlefield

Bronze: Cryo Mine - Throws a mine at the current location of the enemy which will activate after 2 seconds.
Exploding, the mine will freeze the enemy for 6 seconds.

  • unexploded mines will disappear after 10 seconds

Silver: Blizzard - launches a device that will generate a snowstorm slowing down the enemy and causing frost damage.

  • the enemies under effect from CryoMine will suffer double damage

Gold: Ice Shield - before death, the hero will auto-freeze and generate a shield that will transform the incoming damage into health.

  • during the effect, the hero cannot move
  • the skill can be activated once per game

Platinum: Frostbite - for each enemy killed by the cold, the allied heroes recharge their skills faster

Appearance: she is a young girl with white hair that fades over the blue in the tips, has the skin slightly pale.
wearing a white shirt, a blue plush vest, winter trousers, heavy white shoes and advanced white gloves with electric blue fingertips

The Weapon: The ICC32

is a small semi-automatic pistol that shoots razor-sharp tips of ice (medium rate of fire, fast charge, low damage)

Forged Fantasy version:

with powerful spells she is able to freeze and slow down the enemy

the skills are the same thing, they only change from devices to spells

appearance: it is a very beautiful woman with long white hair that fades blue on the tips.
she wears a long blue robe, a white fur and a crown of ice on her head

shoot blue rays from hands

ok i know, the description is weak but it’s done at the moment (literally) if something else comes to mind tell me and help me


Nice one, I would say if platinum also included frost damage would reduced defense by 5%, adding a charge on opponent, at max to 5%.

Also glad you said Enchantress for Forged Fantasy, for a minute I felt you would refer that Frozen sister…