Hero Suggestion: Mirage the Stealth Assassin

Mirage the Stealth Assassin
Appearance: She’s a female soldier wearing standard military attire, but she wears a hood and a mask that covers her mouth, so the only thing we see of her face are her eyes.
Desc: A lethal sniper. Powerful abilities allow her to efficiently take out opponents one by one, but vulnerable if focused.
Element: Mech
Faction: Mercenaries
Stat Overview: Low HP, Low Armor, High Damage
Weapon: Deathstalker Rifle (Sniper,1 round, med reload speed)
Bronze: Cloak and Dagger- This hero turns invisible for up to x seconds. Taking any damage or attacking will break the invisibility. If you break out of invisiblity with an attack, that attack deals bonus damage and heal block for x seconds.
Silver: Sleep Dart - Shoots a target with a powerful tranquilizer dart. The target will be stunned for 30 seconds, but has a 50% chance to be cured of it if damaged. If this hero has a charge of Deadeye, the affected hero’gold skill, if it has one, is disabled for the duration.
Gold: Deadeye -If this hero headshots an opponent, that target is marked and this hero gains a charge of Deadeye. Each charge gives this hero x bonus damage and 5% critical hit chance, but all charges will be depleted if she lands a critical hit. An opponent marked by this skill cannot turn invisible.
Platinum: Sharpshooter - This hero’s critical hits ignore any shield or armor buffs on the target. Each time she critically hits an opponent, that target takes extra damage and is slowed for x seconds
Background: The assassin only known as Mirage is known for her deadliness, but her origin remains a mystery. Some say she was the young daughter of a Magistrate gunsmith, abducted and raised by Wesson to act as his assassin and bodyguard, until she escaped. Some say she was a result of the mysterious experiments that occured in Morlock’s Den. Whichever of these stories are true, her lethality is unquestionable, and woe be anyone who find themselves on her crosshairs.
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