👻 New Hero Concept: Ghost - Phantom Stalker

Element: Icon_ElementEnergy
Faction: UAF Airborne
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 3/5

I’m one of those peoples who takes their job very seriously.
Whether it’s from up close or far away, no one notices where I’m coming from.
But when they do…they’re already dead.

Long Range Sniper - Expert Ambusher - Self Booster - Glass Armor - Heavy Crit Hitter

  • One of AUFA’s newest recruits, although he looks very young he has a huge amount of hours in the service from simple escorts to political assassinations.
  • Chief Coordinator and Top Strategist, when an ambush needs to be set up, Wesson knows to go to her.
  • Along with Warmole, he single-handedly defended the old UAF base before it fell to the KLG and the two of them personally imprisoned and tortured by Kurtz.

01_Bronze Infrared Sight
mounts an infrared scope on the weapon that reveals invisible enemies and increases the odds and critical damage, but reduces the weapon’s reload speed.

  • Only this hero can see invisible enemies, marked by a red silhouette.
  • The scope remains active for 3sec. (every 10 levels the duration increases by 1sec)

02_Silver Silencer
mounts a silencer on the weapon increasing shooting accuracy, eliminating firing noise and flame hiding any visible icons on the weapon.

  • The silencer will automatically remove itself after firing 1 bullet. (every 10 levels the amount of bullets fired increases by 1)

03_Gold Grille Suit
This hero remains invisible for the duration of the match.

  • He temporarily returns visible when reloads, changes position, or takes damage.

04_Plat Bersagliere
Each successful hit increases the critical damage of the next bullet up to 50%.
If interrupted, stop for reloading or missing the target, there are 3sec. of time before losing the boost.

05_Ruby Supported

is a man of average height, tanned skin, short black hair with gray/white sideburns and sides, light gray beard with black goatee.
Has one crimson red eye, the other blind white with a line cutting through it.
He wears a full black tactical suit, a balaclava with a skull drawn on it, a hood that covers the sides of his face, and some sort of grille cape.

His Weapon: Springfield Smart Shot
is an old bolt-action sniper rifle modernized.
it is a very reliable weapon, very high damage, very high rate of fire, has little ammo and is tougher to reload, loading a 5 bullet stripper.
With the scope mounted it drastically reduces the speed of reloading, loading one bullet at a time.

Class: Sniper Rifle
Shooting Rate: 7.20
Ammunition Capacity: 5
Recharge Time: 1 sec / 2 sec with the scope
Damage: High


the intro is older than the hero himself

All icons are taken from around this forum


A true Italian to the end. :fist::triumph:

Music on point, got them skill icons, and it’s not too complicated. On point good sir.

I like it. These are some really creative idea’s. Though reading the stats/abilities and seeing he shoots 7 rounds per second? Darn!

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