Anti-Invisibility Hero

I was thinking of how to counter mandrake’s gold ability, and several other characters that can turn invisible. After consulting with another player, we felt a good idea would be a hero that has either:

  1. Silver Ability - Like Orro fires a blast to hit all enemies doing mild damage, but blocking invisibility for 8-12 seconds. (8-12 seconds because it is a charged ability)

  2. Gold Ability - When the hero hits an enemy with its primary weapon, they cannot go/become invisible for 3 seconds.

  3. Gold Ability (V2) - same as V1, but with a percentage chance to block invisibility instead of guarantee, but up the timer to about 6 seconds.

As far as character design, I would make him Mech or Chem, and look like a hunter. either a sniper or shotgun user with a slower rate of fire, but mild damage. Maybe give him/her a look like Vash (Trigun).

With the last update multiple heroes can now reveal invisible heroes.

Hero Changes
Marked & Taunted Status Effect Changes
Marked targets and Taunting Heroes cannot benefit from Invisibility. If a Hero Taunts or is Marked while Invisible, they will be revealed to their enemies. While revealed, they can be targeted by abilities and AI-controlled Heroes as normal. When the Taunt or Mark ends, the Hero will regain invisibility, as long as there is still remaining time in the buff’s duration.

This is from the last patch, so heroes such as Chesterfield, Nightingale, Prophet, and Artemis can all reveal enemies because of their ability to mark. The only widespread one that can hit multiple people at once is Chesterfield, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see future heroes have more skills that can mark similar to Illumination Flare.

Taunt is a little different since there is no skill in the game that makes the other team have a taunt, but again that’s another future design that we may see.

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That’s what I get for bypassing the message sent out post update and getting right to upgrading my heroes. Nice to see this has been addressed. In that case, different idea. Instead of preventing invisibility, it steals a random buff from an enemy hero… Muahahahahahahha… Would be funny to have your opponent’s heal disappear and you start healing, or they reappear and yours disappears.

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