Heroes in special offers

Hello everyone,
There is no more heroes to buy in special offers since the last update.I am a little bit disappointed because I have saved more than 1500gold to buy Heimlock and I can’t buy him anymore. So here’s my question “Will we see heroes back in special offers or is it finished ?”
If a dev or someone could answer me it would be perfect. :wink:
Good Hunt to everyone
PS: Sorry for m’y english I am not English :wink:

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I think it’s a bug since it’s a missed opportunities for new players.

hopefully the devs will let Heimlock, Hideo, and Heckler offers visible again.

Or perhaps I think they are going to change the offers to different 5 star characters like Francoise, Phoenix, Chesterfield. Phalanx or Razorback. (any 3 different elemental 5 star characters)

I hope the devs make fair decision on special offer heroes.