Any of the newbie offers decent?

Hi team.

Just started playing this game, and as with all freemium games, a ton of offers are hitting my screen :slight_smile:

Are any of them actually worthwhile compared with the cost/benefit? I’m not stranger to spending tons of money on games like these, but I also know that some offers tend to be better than others.

So any spending tips? :slight_smile:

Am not sure what offers you’re getting!
I remember I got some “unlock this 3* hero and get a few gear to pump him up” and I fell for it but not all characters are gonna be useful in the long run. Let me know what you’re getting and I can recommend what to do.

Generally I think buying a bunch of gold is good. You’ll get to open a 10 pack of hero crates if you gain a VIP level but they’re sick expensive. Best benefit of VIP kicks in at VIP level 10.

The single Hero offers are something for players who already have most heroes and are missing this special one and really want him. IN early game you get enough new heroes by just openiing crates.
The “starter” crates are not worth it either. You can get most of it within the first day of playing. So they don´t really give you a headstart.

Thanks much.

I’m seeing these “special offers”.

Hivemind ~7 euro
Baron ~8 euro
Oracle ~30 euro

There’s also a bunch of gold stuff to get. I might just get the Gold drop one for the next 30 days to get me started, we’ll see.

That would be the right way in my opinion. You will get VIP 1 so you can open 10 crates and will get a 5* hero for sure. After you got enough Gold to do that you will have played enough to judge if any of the offers will really get you forward.

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You can farm Baron from Hard mode. Hivemind is kinda easy to get from crates, since he is just 3*. And Oracle is not worth 30€.

I wouldn’t buy any of those.

During the first week, you should get a few offers to unlock specific heroes, like Heckler, Hideo, Odachi or Heimlock.

I would recommend getting Heimlock or Odachi, maybe Hideo. Those three heroes are 5* (which means they are harder to get if you are not lucky), and are really strong at the moment

Heimlock should also help with this month’s events, which will reward hero shards, so it can be a nice investment.

This is just my personal opinion, though.

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Your personal opinion is what I was looking for, so thanks much for sharing :slight_smile:

I’m trying to avoid the “newbie bait” that the devs wants me to buy, and invest into something that will give more benefit long term.

Well, the offers Im telling you cost 1500 gold (not money), so you can buy the monthly gold offer to start getting gold, and spend it in those offers once they come. I totally remember those 4 heroes that I named being in my starter offers, but not sure if there were others.

Yeah, I’m seeing that Odachi guy currently, for 750 gold. And I’m at ~600 atm from just playing the game.

Well, if you are planning to spend money, Odachi is one of the best bio damage dealers, so it should be a nice investment.

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Personally, things that can raise your VIP meter would be the best.
You have more resets on PVP Store and Gauntlet.

and you can level
Gammond , Mandrake , Matador, Fortress

This is from my case and experience no need to attack me.
(but if you have the money to open multiple crates ignore this)