New characters; how available are they?

If I understand correctly there will soon be an update adding two new characters to the game. This is the first time since I started playing that new characters are introduced so I am not sure about how the launch works.
Are new character usually available in random loot crates / with / without reduced price?
Are new characters easily won through special events?
Are new characters usually showing up in the Special Offer store begging for money?

In March and April they added 1 hero to Dojo (Galante was rotated by Sapphyr) and 1 to PvP tourneys (Fisher was rotated by Callidus).

I guess they will do the same this month. One will be Dojo hero (Sapphyr will no longer be farmable) and the other, PvP tourney only.

But you should be able to get both heroes with gold, as they release special offers and crates with new heroes, if they keep the same schedule they used with April heroes

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I updated the app today and can see the new characters added. One of them is a possible reward for Co-Op raids and the other one is “currently unavailable”. However I won’t break my neck trying to get these two ASAP.