Heroes Relatives Ideas?

I just thought on my mind, if Hero has relatives, Maven and Siren look alike are sisters. Maybe I think it will be fun if they added hero relatives: sisters, brothers, father or mother in the Hero Hunters.

There WAS that theory that Hardscope is Dogface’s son…

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You know, since they both have skills that let them reduce armor in some way (BFG for Hardscope and Fullmetal Jacket for Dogface) and they have 2 skills to boost their damage, that kinda makes sense.
Hardscope: I joined your faction because they told me you know what happened to my father. Did he die under your service?
Dogface:(in deep raspy voice) No, Hardscope. I am your father
Hardscope: Noooo!!!


Hahahaha! Interesting!

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