The legendary crown prince

This is a veteran who is still clinging to the throne from among the myths devastating weapon with a mighty weapon in the blink of an eye falling from the unthinkable
This is a legend I think it is worth giving thanks to a medal of excellence
We need a new hero to be the heir to him carries his advantages


Dont we have harsdscope for that?


Bad luck is tied! Always with me in this game
I couldn t get new heroes yet
I see them with my teary eyes

After a genetic examination we found out who the sons of the legend

Sorry but hardscope is not a legitimate son

:joy::joy::joy: I think you are my favorite forum user @ADX_Alghefeili

Sorry Dogface, but you are NOT the father. Poor Hardscope.


I swear @ADX_Alghefeili is the most romantically poetic user on this forum, and it’s amazing :joy:

I’m curious though, if Dogface is the King of Hero Hunters, then who is the Queen? :thinking:

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Hardscope is the heir. I am absolutely certain that Dogface is some inspiration to Hardscope. Somewhat similar abilities, too. Dogface can use his active skills to stack damage while Hardscope can use his passives to do the same.

Nightingale? Would make sense too why Hardscope has a heal.

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But we just found out that he is not a “Legit Son”

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