The new update

Mandrake is almost impossible to get
Replaced dogface with hardscope and he’s ass

This was informed weeks ago, as a nice gesture from the developers.
Dogface is in Hard Campaign missions. Hardscope is really good. Mandrake is on Bahamas for a little resting up.

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It’s okay if your focusing on getting Mandrake but don’t call Hardscope or Dogface some butt. First of all, a Platinum Hardscope is better when you manually control him (way, way better). I mean, if auto-play’s your thing then sure, Hardscope sucks when you set him to auto. However, please take time to practice manual aim with Hardscope - he’s worth every fragment and upgrade bar you dump into him.

Secondly, Dogface now has his own set of three missions in the Hard Campaign; Hardscope had his own ever since. The two never replaced each other.

Please do your research before posting an ignorant topic such as this.

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Huh. Gauntlet store refreshed and now Dogface is swapped with Hardscope. OP must have been talking about that. Regardless, it’s still pretty ignorant to call Hardscope ass assuming OP never used Hardscope at his best.

The irony is palpable here :joy: And Hardscope IS ass. There’s a reason he’s virtually nonexistent in PvP. Sure, he’s viable in PvE, but it’s not like PvE is particularly challenging anyways…

You’re fking right. I do try to use the BFG Boyo: with manual aim, he manages to delete either Nightingale or Flatline with the rocket but then he gets deleted by either Mandrake or Mauler immediately.

you ain’t gotta roast me that hard sobbing

Those are fighting words. :sunglasses: Hardscope is amazing, if not the best, at killing Flatline and Nightingale before they can get a heal off. He can kill both in under 15 seconds if piloted right. Plus he is seen as “ass” by many so he usually is not a priority target.

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Not exactly a glowing review :stuck_out_tongue: Hardscope is solid in the early/mid game, I’ll definitely concede that. However, once you’re at plat 8+* level, he’s entirely irrelevant.

Thing is, he’s a “light” Hero; a Mechanical glass cannon, if you will. Kobold sending a q-tip in his direction yeets him off the arena.

I will commit neck rope if you insert one more emoji.

I don’t know that I’d say he’s quite at the glass cannon level. He’s less squishy than many rear-line heroes. He’s just not really that great at anything… His damage is second-rate to the real DPS heroes, his healing drone is rarely more than a nuisance, and his synergy with other heroes falls somewhere between lackluster and nonexistent.

He would be great with a bigger magazine. To make use of his Gold skill you have to make him standup and not shoot for at least a second, so that his last bullet gets the bonus. Afterwards he dugs to reload and it is gone again. Give him 20 rounds so that if you fire continously he gets the bonus for the second half of his bullets,