Hey Discord mods, wanna explain this to me?


Pris- chan?!
Pris- chan?!

Don’t tell me we’re gonna be invaded by weebs. I’m not hallucinating am I?

why dont you ask this in the discord chat? and if that bot is a chan, then i propose the other bots be chan or kun. just for giggles

I can assure you that our discord is mostly weeb free. We do out best to eradicate them for the invasive species they are, like Gammond.

I like your thinking. Where do I sign up?

Sign up for what? Eradicating weebs? Ask Darkakali on discord. Also I dont think i’ve ever seen you on Discord so…

I have no idea what’s going on here… What is a ‘chan’…? and what is a ‘weeb’?

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“-chan” is one of the multiple Japanese honorifics. They are kinda similar to the “Mr” or “Ms” we would use in a normal conversation, I guess, but way more complicated.

A “weeb” or “weeaboo” is a pejorative word used to refer to people who love Japanese culture and try to mimic it or use Japanese words in their daily vocabulary.

I gotta admit that while I respect different ways of thinking, as long as they don’t actively harm me, searching for the word “weeb” on google images yields some… interesting… results

shoots Japanese beam at Clyde

its random stuff like this you see a lot in some of the animes (or being made fun of in the south park episode of Chunpokomon) . but then again simple things tend to annoy people easy.

some kids take it to the extreme though


Where did you find that cursed image of revolver synth?

I made it cause I was bored

Kawaii Clyde is too good to be true

bumping dead thread but what is this in the pinned msg’s? i’m tired af been laughing at this for the past 2 minutes