Just a question that’s bugging my mind

So HH devs. Clearly the name “Clyde” is not just a name, but an acronym (C.L.Y.D.E.). Could you explain what it means?


C l y d e
c L y d e
c l Y d e
c l y D e
c l y d E

hey that sparks my curiosity. What does C.L.Y.D.E stand for?

Omg, I now NEED to know this! :grimacing:

What do you all think it means?

May be based on a Canadian-French tv animated show called C.L.Y.D.E ( Computer Linked Yield Driven Entity)
But instead of a talking jukebox solving mysteries, HHG modified him to be a badass Cyborg killer :):rofl::joy:

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They might not have even thought up anything and just waiting for the forums to give them one :slight_smile:

My guess would be the gunslinger from Westworld.

Nah, I did some research back through all the team chats and it was brought up back in 2017 with a definitive answer. Just want to see what you all came up with.

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Then my guess is Cowboy Likes Yelling Dumb Edicts.