HH Flagship Hero

I’ve always been curious about this. Any reason why Bolt is the games flagship hero?

You mean mascot of this game? Actually I’m curious too why developers chose him as a “symbol” of this game, why not Ryker? He’s the main protagonist of this game right? :thinking::open_mouth:

Ikr? been wondering about this since I played the game.

I hope developers notice and give us with some nice explanation :blush:

I believe at one time Ryker was set as the “face” of the game in the icon. I am actually surprised the haven’t changed the icon for the past few updates…especially considering Bolt’s, umm, “popularity”.

Really good question, guys! The short answer is that our marketing department spent a long while running tests with a bunch of heroes and found bolt to be the hero that drew the most interest in the game. @RequiemPrime is correct in that Ryker was at one point the “face” of the game, as that made the most sense to us, but a new players haven’t really had a chance to form a concept of what makes sense and what doesn’t. They really just care about what looks the most intriguing.

We’ve had a bunch of new heroes added to the game in the past few months and our marketing guys are always looking for ways to improve how we market the game, so it’s possible we’ll change it up in the future!


Ohhh so its more of a marketing perspective I see. Now that you mentioned it, he does look cooler than most characters. Can’t say the same with his in-game performance though.

Well, I really don’t mind having bolt as the flagship hero atm. He’s kinda grown on me.

But he’s kinda “freaky” don’t you think? :thinking::sweat_smile: