Is bolt good

What are ur thoughts

HAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH. Ok, in all seriousness, I don’t think so, especially after the last update where he no longer takes cover after firing. IMO he’s not that good cause of how below average his base stats are, but his abilities are really good. He lacks good synergies though and mostly acts as a flatline or night killer. His hit detection is whack tho so good luck hitting anything! There are some people who really like him, and others who don’t like him, but he’s not very good in my opinion.

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Bolt has slow fire rate, modest damage and terrible health. His bronze skill can deal good damage but you’ll never have time to use it.
I likedq Bolt for the first month but he’s been irrelevant since.

Bolt is about as useful as… well, a bolt…


In all fairness, a bolt keeps your phone, and every product you use or gives you food together, your car.

so well, comparing him to a bolt isn’t really fair, they are really important and useful.


Fair enough. How about this. Bolt is as useful as a an actual bolt in a gunfight


Wow u guys really don’t like bolt

Actually, I don’t have a issue with bolt, but 90% of the people will refer a hero witht usage in PvP.

I’ve never seen bolt in pvp besides a dump of hero’s, I think he’s great for a bounty and pve maybe, but not worth the work right now, the meta gives more value to us.

I do hope he also gets a rework in the dps update, I like his design and model

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I was joking about Bolt, but I actually love playing as him, and I just got him to plat today. I think he could use a damage boost, since he can deal amazing damage, but only if his skills proc, and the proc chance for his silver and gold are pretty low. I love that he can engage/harass multiple targets at once. Throw his bronze at someone for some high burst damage, then hit another hero with his silver to do a lot of damage over time, faster than most heals. Finally, he can focus on an energy hero, aiming for the head to make the most of his gold. However, this scenario only works if his silver and gold skills proc. Personally, I think the chance needs to be removed, and instead just tweak the damage a little to compensate. Clyde is supposed to be the dps hero who relies on chance, but it’s actually Bolt

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Yeh bolt is trash I tried to use him and he really stinks

Bolt is worthless! Doesn’t deserve further improvement

Don’t revive old posts…I thought Nham was back…

For once, i tought ULFPAM, Nham, Kraterios and Poobgloob begin to active in the forum again…


But then I realized this post is already 2 years ago… Dang…


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