August Hero Balance Patch

Hello Hero Hunters!

As many of you know, the recent August update included a number of gameplay changes that had a dramatic impact on the pace of Player vs Player matches.

While we thoroughly test each piece of content that goes into each update to ensure that you’re getting the best quality gameplay experience, sometimes, certain playstyles and matchups create situations that we did not intend. We thank you for bringing these to our intention, and for being such active members of the community.

As part of our ongoing balance initiative, we are making a few changes to a variety of Heroes to further improve balance. See the change lists below for more details about the overall rebalance we performed.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with revived Heroes getting stuck in an unkillable state.
  • Fixed an issue where a revived Hero will no longer be controllable.

Developer Note: Unfortunately these fixes will only affect PvP and Co-op matches until the next App store update. These Revive bugs will still occur in singleplayer modes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hero Changes

Ifrit Ifrit

His Platinium skill: Unfinished Business, when paired with the right heroes, created a suffocating PvP experience. We are severely reducing the effectiveness of his Platinium skill. Ifrit will still be a force to be reckoned, but he will be more situational.

Adjustments to Restoration Wave:

  • Reduced Heal.
  • Reduced Travel speed of Heal.

Adjustments to Showtime:

  • Fixed that issue that would cause Mark to linger after Invisibility ended.

Adjustments to Unfinished Business:

  • Revive is cancelled when Ifrit is killed.
  • Allies cannot be revived by Unfinished business more than once.
  • If Ifrit is revived, he will not refresh Unfinished Business

Panzer Panzer

Adjustments to Weapon Performance:

  • Reduced Cover Damage.

Heimlock Heimlock

Adjustments to Chem Bath:

  • Reduced Heal Over Time.

Nightengale_a Nightingale (Combat Medic)

Adjustments to Heal Wave:

  • Reduced Heal.
  • Reduced Heal Over Time.

A Final Note From the Developers

Before we sign off, we want to take a moment to address some of your feedback, less in terms of gameplay specifics, and more in terms of communication between developers and community.

We want you to know that we do read all of your feedback – even the most impassioned ones! – and while we unfortunately can’t respond to each one, rest assured, you are heard. Hero Hunters is built on community as a core pillar, and without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

That being said, please understand that balance changes like these aren’t something we take lightly. We would love to be able to instantly act, change a few 1’s to 0’s, and resolve any complaints instantly. Unfortunately, we have to consider the bigger ramifications of making balance changes. Any single adjustment has the potential to completely change the balance of the game, and those are important considerations to make. We never fire from the hip here at Hothead Games. We may fire, and miss, but we take the time to line up our shots and recalibrate before we pull the trigger on anything that might affect players.

We pride ourselves on being able to openly communicate with our fans. However, we can’t always be there to answer questions or address your concerns. Our words carry weight. If we say something off the cuff, it can have ramifications as large as removing Ryker’s other eye.

(Note: we are not removing Ryker’s other eye.)

If we’re silent on something, there’s a reason for it. It’s not that we don’t want to engage with you! We ask that you default to trust, just as we trust you to be honest and respectful when you tell us how you feel. We love our players, and want to do right by you, but we can’t always address specific concerns right away.

We want to encourage everyone to continue to share their feedback with us as we continue moving forward. We may not be able to act on every piece of feedback we receive, but we take your feedback into consideration before we make course corrections.

Thank you for helping us make Hero Hunters awesome.

Happy Hunting!


Thanks for this great response, really appreciated it! :grin:


Glad to see this. That is all the community wanted. You can shoot and miss, but make us wait a whole month to fix it is just to much. If you continue to fix your misses within a week, we can live with that.
I like the changes. I still think Irfits Gold and silver should be looked at, but lets see how it works out with the already done changes.

Hopefully you will not miss as big as the last 3-4 month again, but this patch gives me hope that the next new heroes will be more balanced.


It’s very nice to see the response paired with morale-restoring content. Thank you for not stalling balance changes on our newest hero!

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Thank you for this update it really means a lot. Credit goes out to HHG for timely intervention this time…u can guarantee no more ranting from me for a while… thanks for saving PvP … ifrit will now be a lot more balanced and we will be able to say he has potential but at the same time be able to use other combos

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Still waiting on a response to my lagging game “kill squad”

Thank you for the fast update and reduce the endless loop of healing and reviving!

But another nerf to Panzer? Really??? She shoots a shotgun which spreads and cant hit a target accurately, you have already nerfed that accuracy in addition to less power and skills. If she can’t remove a cover it will be close to impossible to hit someone.

Hoping for the best but that REALLY concerns me.


nice ifrit only reviving once, called it lol… but im sure that was a fix that was already a no brainer, thanks HHG

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Great changes all around!

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Françoise still shoots through her cover when attacking an opponent below her on auto…

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Nice resonse. This update has caused a lot of bugs and I would like to point out a few. When using the chat I noticed that now it won’t show the chat feed until you send something which means I can’t see what people are saying in the alliance until I say something. Also, when you challenge someone and you change the ranks (from default to for example, gold) so that it’s a even playing field I noticed ghoul goes missing. I don’t know if it’s just him but I tried to challenge my alliance earlier and I picked my team (ghoul included) THEN changed the ranks and next thing I knew I found myself in a match with just 4 heroes. I just wanted to point that out cuz ghoul is one of my favorite heroes and it’s weird that it’s only happening to him from my experience.

This happens after changing the rank

Another issue is when in pvp ot keeps on saying I died even if I win and gives .e no poi ts. Especially in this past event. It happened to .e atleast 10 times. .ade it hell just to get to division 1.

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This is the first time I leave a comment, so I’ll be brief:

-I would like to reduce the time to obtain energy because 3 minutes is annoying. I would like it to be reduced to 2 and a half minutes, and fix the fall of the team in the missions of the campaign.

Finally, I just wanted to thank you for the game. I read many negative comments that make me think that HH will disappear, I hope it is not like that, I’ve been playing more than 6 months. I know I’m not a veteran to talk as such, but I still recommend it to my friends … good game. and i am from Latinoamérica :V

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As the author of some of the “impassioned” feedback comments mentioned, thank you for addressing this quickly and intelligently. These sound like a big step in the right direction, so thank you!


@Sogui Please comment your own experience at 30K PvP matches and I will comment my PvP experience at 60k matches, the hero power and health is pretty different between these levels.

Of course a new hero should be good, why should we else invest in new ones?


Please fix this INFINITE stun.
2 of my Heroes couldn’t recover from the stun in a PvP match resulting in my defeat.

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Agreed that @nailfox is on spot to get the new hero really quickly to gain an quick advantage.

Don’t agree how you attack him, he just spends frags/cash, we all do that, 1 player more then an other.

I just didn’t want to join the train with these last 2 hero’s, because it didn’t feel right.

I had my fair share of losses against nailfox, but he just played it the same I would have if I would have joined the panzer train, no hard feelings, he was smart, and I was smart to keep on going low tier to wait this out.


@Raugo_Kyo_Yazamazaky You are not the only one, lots of us did knowing a nerf would surely come. Honestly I’m super happy for the nerf even though I have him Platinum, PvP became dead boring with the endless healing and reviving loops. Now there should at least be a winner every match even though it takes 2 minutes, rather that then using 3 minutes ending up in a Tie. I’m positively surprised the nerf came this early, I had really started loosing interest in playing PvP which I used to love and play for hours every day.

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